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Hello Darling,
Ehm... What is my favourite activity beside crossfire? I clean my room. In orderd to keep my beautiful mom mouth shut so that i can hear.
Life of a student. Please rescue me mercenaries, i'd pay any prices, even tho i don't have any money cause i don't work, but whatever, you get my point. LuL
#ASonLife #TrueStoryBruh

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Drawing, I even have a thread here with my drawings.

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I fight crime at night.

IGN OtroMundo



IGN OtroMundo

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Hello Barolo,

whoops i forgot to write my ign. yeah. im a bad person, but i know that you still like me darling. if you forgive me, i will give you a kiss. #LongLifeForTheLoLis.


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Sorry for the quality... bad phone...



IGN - WinstonBG

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IGN: mitsorubi

anything cs:go related - playing, analyzing, watching the matches, following the news, browsing through twitter accs of people involved in the scene,...
and watching anime. since i dont have any cs:go related gifs i guess imma have to throw a random anime gif here xd

GIF: since there's a maintenance going on i cant upload a gif and im just going to sleep so i wouldnt make it in time, therefore i uploaded it on giphy:

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I´m playing crossfrie in real life :)

IGN: [P]4tr1k


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Complete events ,playing biohazard and level up !

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Football :D


IGN: Lynexx

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Well some of them will say that this is necessity but my favourite activity besides CF is sleeping cool


IGN: NightmareZ_

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Watch Youtube ofc. 



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DJing (Psy-Trance/Dark-Psy/High-tech)



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Doing my workout.

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