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Disconnected problem

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ddqskop posted on 07-20-2017 19:48

Hi so my problem is , i go in game and play like 5-10 mins then i get 'Disconnected from server 0-3' 
Any one knows how to help me?

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There can be interruptions of your data being sent to the CF Servers. That causes instabilities. Your network drivers may also be outdated.

Your wi-fi (if you are using it) can be troublesome if you are downloading alot of stuff.

Update your network drivers, close any occuring downloads or talk to your internet provider. Clean your cache from your DNS using CMD.

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Clean your cache from your DNS using CMD

Walleo, please be so kind to leave the CMD command for him as well then :}

The command: ipconfig /flushdns

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My network is fine and i also play other games and they all work good only crossfire not and i did that thing with that CMD command but i keep getting Disconnected 0-3 
Now i cant play crossfire anymore or do any event because of that Please help me.


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I've had the same problem and people "teach" me that my connection is the problem... Sure it is...



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