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Question about free RP

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cultplayer posted on 03-20-2017 13:31

Hey guys,

I have a question: will there ever be again the possibility of getting free RP like a couple years ago?

I think that was pretty cool and I wonder why its not accesable anymore on CF EU...

ty for answering


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Hey cultplayer,

I really hope it will come back sooner or later. I really like the possibility to earn some additional RP due to surveys and other offers.

CF EU publishers changed recently and I'm sure we can expect some payment methods to be added over time. If the earn free RP section is one of them remains to be seen though. But I highly support it :)

/ ShadY

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Suggested by Evyye

The GM team was handing out free RP to motivate players play CF, as the game servers were almost empty back then with all these hack waves. I hope they bring this back to attract more people come back or make a fresh start and fill the servers.

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