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CFS: The Major European Championship!

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Feraluss Posted: 02-28-2017 5:44
Five days are left until four great teams will fight for the glory at the CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational tournament in Katowice, Poland.
But the Invitational is just a warm up and our first step to revive the competitive scene of CROSSFIRE EUROPE.

So what exactly comes next?

We are happy to announce that Smilegate Europe together with the ESL are starting the
CFS: The Major European Championship!

From March until June every player will have the possibility to compete in weekly tournaments,
where the teams can earn ranking points towards the monthly finals and the best team will receive additional prize money.

After four months of weekly tournaments the best ten teams from the overall ranking, as well as all monthly final winners will be invited to the CFS European Finals playoffs
where they will have a chance to play against FlipSid3 Tactics and PENTA Sports.
Due to their success and being part of 
CFPL China, FlipSid3 Tactics and PENTA Sports are automatically qualified for the playoffs.

The CFS European Finals playoffs will be split into three stages: group stage, double elimination bracket and the finals at Gamescom 2017.

Winners of the Gamescom final will receive the new European Champion title and automatically qualify for the CFS Grand Finals in China.

The 1st match day will be on the 5th of March, Sunday, just after the CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational tournament in Katowice.
The games will be played on the CROSSFIRE EU version. 

To register to the CFS: MEC go to the 
ESL Tournament page
You can find the complete 
rule set here.

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this is suck an amazing news. for CF but also for the comp scene! we where all waiting for something big like this!!

it is also a big advertisement for CF! so well done

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Good luck to all teams that will participate! :)

/ ShadY

Goodbye CF EU

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First of all thank you for bringing some competition. Anyways I dont want to act disrespectful but me and a lot of other pro player are pretty dashed. The Lan finals are a really great thing no doubt but the overall price money is really low. 

In the last GO4 series we had overall 250 Euros for weekly Cups and around 1000 Euros for Monthly Finals. Playing half a sunday for 55 Euros is really frustrating and not really worth it. Next to this we had CFS qualifiers with extra price money.

We actually hoped for some really nice news like a Go4 Series with a decent price money and next to this some kind of a Pro League with a higher pricer money for the best 8 Teams. This set up would attract a lot more player to compete in Sunday Cups and the player base would grow a lot. Right now the same ~4 Teams will win the Sunday Cups everytime again and new and young teams dont stand a chance and thereby might not even try to compete.

Next to this you could host qualifiers for CFS. A Qualifier running over 3 month is really devastating. 

Some of the best European teams and player can compete with teams of the top leagues in China, Brazil and Russia and as I now correctly all have different leagues for different skill levels and with upgoing price money.

Im very sure that this current concept will not attract any new player and teams.

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This is great news, especially now that UK can play. The new GMS are doing great so far in comparison to the previous GMS for sure (no go4 for over 1 year), but it's unfortunate that only the teams that go to China can live their dream at least until things get bigger in Europe. I'm appreciative but I also can't disagree with the above comment about some things. Really looking forward to this and hope things continue to go uphill!

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Feralus did say that this is only the first step, so I see no reason to be concerned.


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this is suck an amazing news. 

lol what

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