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1:1 Support Ticket and Account Admin bug

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iVictimized1 OO [OO] Posted: 02-22-2017 4:04

Hey Community,

after a long time I decided to play on my other account again but forgot the password. So i clicked on Forgot Password, filled everything correct out and it said Please check your Email for the new password. The first problem is that i didn't get an Email after waiting a veeeery long time. So I decided to contact the Gamerage Support. But now the second problem: I get this Webpage error when i try to open Account Admin or 1:1 Support:

Need help asap, thanks in advance

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We all have that problem with the website, there's nothing we can do but wait. 

What email service are you using? Checked all folders? 

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Looking into it, thanks for bringing it up.

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Im using Gmail. And i checked al folders. Spam, Promotions etc

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It works again :)

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works but not... no email after many tries of resetting my password...

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yeah this happening to me too i try to recover my account but i'm getting no message send to my email 

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