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Game closes by itself - No Error

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Akkarin95 Posted: 01-11-2017 6:40
Hi, So I've got this problem with my game client. It appears to be constantly closing itself without giving any error - It happens at random times, sometimes soon after I log in and sometimes I get to play about 30 seconds of a game; I've searched for solutions online and browsed the forums a bit but whatever I found was of no success. Things I've tried so far. - I've tried running the game and installer in Compatibility mode of Windows 7 - Tried reinstalling the game - Played around with graphics settings in game changing it from Low to High & Vice versa - I have allowed the Game through firewall, after tried turning firewall off completely - I have tried running the game with all other programs closed. Would be glad if I could receive some positive feedback on the topic PS: Appears that the format I've posted the thread in doesn't quite work out so all the text is bunched up together - Apologies.

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Also one thing I forgot to mention is that I'm running Windows 10, couldn't edit it in.

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First of ` u can write 1:1 support for these technical issues and they might be fixed asap. Also can be when xtrap detect something suspicious and just crashing ur game. There is a lot of aspects that can affect ur game been crashed.


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Hey, I think there is a new patch in a week or so... If you can, then i pefer you to wait. And see what the new patch gonna do. Had it before, 2 days later new patch. after that i had no problems with it. Till then you can try to find a solution. (Basic, dont expect this to work) I don't see you mention anything about Anti virus. If you got Delete it. And see how it is. If works, get other AV. Also, do you have this with other games too? (If play) Internet connection, all good? I read that mostly this problem is caused by the users own Internet, or Anti virus. and in some cases, the dev's.



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always post pc specs are you using AMD? are you using raidcall? did you download more than 1 GPU driver (AMD & NVIDIA)? it cant be the firewall if youre able to login.
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