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t4sosGR Posted: 12-18-2016 14:22 | Locked

My boy is sad, has depression and is feeling jealous for the first time in his life.

Post some nice messages to cheer him up!


I will start:  Its not like you  are too ugly for her, you are just  not beautiful enough for her!



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exzofgt replied on 12-18-2016 14:26 | Locked

We are with you pal


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Samuel77 replied on 12-18-2016 14:34 | Locked

When you've reached the bottom, the only way you can go is UPPPPP ok

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Walleo replied on 12-18-2016 15:07 | Locked

You are my poetic pro.

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Sarastasija replied on 12-18-2016 15:09 | Locked


We are with you pal






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PoeticPro replied on 12-18-2016 15:34 | Locked

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."

I only asked 3 nubs for advice ._.

But nevertheless, I'm glad I got y'all <3 

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Levano replied on 12-18-2016 23:47 | Locked

Keep your head up, fella. It's just another experience!

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pvm4ever replied on 12-19-2016 0:04 | Locked

alerioanemil ;.;


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Shabbina replied on 12-19-2016 2:09 | Locked

#Poetic is to prö for hercool

If u need some advices or help, then come to Prof Doc Shabb 




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Sneeex replied on 12-19-2016 13:03 | Locked

Walk it off, beeyach cool

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Entropyst replied on 12-19-2016 13:40 | Locked

He was too good for you ;(

4Real | Forum Moderator

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Sarastasija replied on 12-19-2016 17:07 | Locked


Keep your head up, fella. It's just another experience!


xD ^ Laughed at this one, but true



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t4sosrules replied on 01-13-2017 16:18 | Locked

With your help Poetic is close to find himself again! Thanks alot! (   Thread Lock Request)


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