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GeordieJosh Posted: 11-13-2016 10:54

Name: Josh - if this is wrong place would admins please move to correct section :)

IGN: Geordie 

Role: Rifle 

Location: London Uk [uk is now allowed to play in ESL events acording to ESL admins]

Experience: Played in many teams and competeted in many tournaments including, Esl go4's Sunday cups CFCL Pro league - 1st place cfcl open season 1 -  EGL - SGL ect ect 

Played with alot of experienced players can In game lead if needed. 

hit me up on steam : OnlineJosh [Geordie] is profile name -  or ingame : Geordie or respond below :) 

thanks alot Josh/Geordie

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Try asking around in eu esl forums (crossfire section ofc) there are more comp players tere looking for players

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Create a topic in the esl forums, bigger comp. community.

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I think it's better for you to ask in ESL CF Forum if you want to have a competitive run with a competitive team.

Good luck!

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