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palacsinta01 Posted: 08-18-2016 16:01

Thank you GameMasters for this great event! We want more like this! :DD Keep it up! Have a nice day!

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They are asking for too much, but 10 capsules are 10 capsules. Already did the Rifle, Shotgun and Grenade btw :D

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Same, this is why I still play CF here instead of NA. So many events and rewards unlike in NA where it's buy VIP or no event :D

This is a great test for everyone also EZ to do after 6PM CEST because no deaths recorded

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Just saw the event now, looks good to me. 1 evening of TD should make it. It would be much better if this event was listed in the Event Tracker to see which missions you completed already.

I will try to do it on at least one of my accounts :)

/ ShadY

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Yes. It was a good event, but again no win... i am so dissappointed sob

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I didn't win that too :(

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