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doble weapons in inventory

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4everBiH posted on 08-17-2016 11:24

I have double weapons in inventory, which i won in game. problem is that the time is not collected, so they will expire simultaneously. i think that is the difference with weapons and items won in biohazard 2, and other maps.


FN F2000_Red Skull




M4 CQBR-Dual-Mag




Flash Goggles


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Yes, unfortunetly they are coded as different weapons, so they don't stack. I just want them to stack.

Walleo | Forum Moderator

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hated by all (especially with bp and others)  , 1000 times suggested , still not changed , i am not a programmer but i still dont know why its so hard to let same items stuck , i mean they are profis , get paid for this and still cant do those things  , anyway we all know this issue , this will probably never change , so just "sell" what you can sell and use these with the most time left


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