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[OUTDATED] How to join Electronic Sports League

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BigBody1 mail [mail] Posted: 06-28-2014 5:23



Hello everyone,

I wanted to write a small Thread about the Electronic Sports League

I thought it would be much easier to  get new Players if we've got a Guide "How to join ESL", that's why I am trying to help the Players, who think it's complicated to join Crossfire on ESL. I hope it will help you!

First of all what does ESL mean?

The Electronic Sports League (ESL, formerly ESPL ) is an E-sports League, which is operated by the company Turtle Entertainment in Cologne.

Today it comprises more than 4,000,000 registered members and 950,000 teams, which have played over 20 million game plays] in addition to leagues and tournaments and VERSUS, the own matchmaking of ESL, which are offered in over 50 games in different genres, the best players in various national and international leagues can play for prize money.

What do you need to do to be able to play?

  • An ESL Account [1.]
  • Crossfire Europe GameAccount [2.]
  • ESL Wire [3.]
  • Moss [4.]

Before I talk about Wire and Moss I will show you how to sign up and enter your GameAccount (CF EU Nickname) .

I'm trying to do it quite simple with the 4 Main Points, that's why I am writing Numbers in brackets [ ] , there are only 4 Numbers

[1.] How do I sign up?

[2.] How do I connect my CF EU account with ESL profile?

  • Enter your Crossfire EU Nickname:
  • Make sure to enter your Game Account in the field 'Value' (make sure name capitalization is right!)
    • If you ever wish to change your Game Account, just visit the same link write down the reason why you are changing your Game Account, and most important attach screenshot from your inventory so Admins can confirm the change.

[3.] What is ESL Wire?

ESL Wire is the Main Anti Cheat of the ESL. You need to use it in Ladders, Cups, Versus (that means everywhere)

I will link you the FAQ of Wire. It might help you if you are having Problems with it:

You installed Wire, but you don't know what to do now?

You need to add Crossfire into Wire, here is a small Guide how to add Crossfire!

If you are having any problems you can easily contact the Crossfire ESL Support :

We also have a Forum, if you have any Questions you will get the answer here :

[4.] What is Moss?

MOSS (Monitor Overclock status - and Screenshots). This new tool combines the EOS Overclock monitoring with Random Screenshots to provide you with a secured ZIP of match activities, of course ESL Wire usage is still mandatory and handles the anti-cheat part.

MOSS is mandatory in all supported games and their ladders and cups.

If the Link does not work there you can also use the Link in the Rules!

Scroll down to the Point 2.1.2, there you can find everything about Moss.

Now you've completed all steps and you can start playing CrossFire on ESL. 

What can we do on ESL?

This is the main CrossFire Page . As you can see, you can find the News, Ladders, Versus Ranking, Forums and the upcoming Cups.

Lets start with the Ladders!

The 1on1 S&D Ladder :

The 1on1 Sniper TDM ladder:

The 2on2 S&D Ladder :

The 3on3 S&D Ladder :

The 5on5 S&D Ladder :

The 5on5 S&D ESL Series:

If you click on those Links you will be automatically redirected to the Ladders plus you can sign up for the Ladders etc.

CrossFire Europe Cups:

Every Cup Announcement can be found here: 

You just need to follow the News/Forums to get updated. There you will get every Information about the Cups (where and how to join, what are the rules, when does the cup start, etc.)

At the moment we have our biggest Cup Series back, it is called Go4Crossfire.

It is a Cup Series with Prize Money. Currently we are in Season 3 and there is a prize pool of 2000 Euros per month. Season 3 will last up until End of this year.

Full News :

Lets talk about Crossfire Versus now :

What is Versus?

VERSUS is the new matchmaking system from the Electronic Sports League. It has never been easier to find people to play with! We have finally bridged the gap between public gaming and the competitive ladders of the ESL. Now everyone can easily get ranked playing team games - even without having their own team

Just to make it simple, here is a YouTube video about Versus (don't worry about the site being in German, you can set your preferred language to English or in one of many others languages as you wish).

But if you don't want to watch it I am going to explain how to play Versus here: 

1. Press on the Play vs. Button on the Top of the Website

2. Choose your favorite Game "Crossfire" 

3. Start your Wire

4. Press on the Search Button 

If you want to play with your Friends just click on create Versus Party and start searching with your Friends

Summary of Important Links:

Crossfire Main Page

Crossfire Europe Forum

Crossfire Support

Crossfire Hall of Fame

ESL TV - Twitch:

Guys Join CrossFire on ESL and bring the Community together!!up

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Really nice guide! Moved it to Tournament Square Section and made it sticky. :)


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Thanks for creating the thread, I was thinking about creating one on my own but I'm glad someone else did it.

I've sent an improved version of your thread (with all links fixed, some grammar fixes and additions) to the Mods so hopefully they will update it.

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I've sent an improved version of your thread (with all links fixed, some grammar fixes and additions) to the Mods so hopefully they will update it.

Sorry but i will need his permission to edit this thread. He can either give us the permission through the "Report Abuse" function or here by saying "Ok".


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Thank you! I'm planning on joining ESL this summer holidays and I still wasn't quite sure how I could do it :)

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can someone make a video for CrossFire and in English? tense


IGN: Zeus

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Yes you can edit it 

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can someone make a video for CrossFire and in English? tense

Thread will be updated soon. Which part you don't understand?

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nice guide :D

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But  dont work - i want setup esl wire with crossfire but  dont works.

And with Steam not works because is Not supportet by Steam since 2016.

Now Nobody can tell me how it works...



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