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[BRACKET] 2011 WCG German National Finals

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GMLoki Posted: 10-27-2011 23:38 | Locked

UPDATE: Congratulations to ComeGetSome, winners of the 2011 WCG German National Finals and representatives of Germany and Crossfire Europe to the 2011 WCG Grand Finals in South Korea!  After a close first half against TeamXtream saw ComeGetSome squeak out ahead with a score of 15 rounds to 13, TeamXtream came back in force on Eagle Eye to win both halves and clinch the series in 2 to go to South Korea.  All of today's combat was exciting, with ComeGetSome needing to play a one-round Sudden Death against corazon to even reach the playoffs.

Thank you to everyone who participated and led to the success of our first grip of tournaments; I promise we'll be bringing more to the whole community soon!

Greetings Mercenaries!

The time has come, we will be hosting the 2011 WCG German National Finals TODAY, Friday, October 28th at 8:00 PM CEST (UTC +2).  This tournament will determine who goes to South Korea to participate in the 2011 WCG Grand Finals, so everyone will be bringing their "A" game.

Four teams have made it this far, so let's congratulate them for making it this far:



Noise eSports


This tournament will be hosted as a four-team Round Robin first, with each team playing each other team, once on each of the WCG 2011 maps.  These matches will be held in Search & Destroy mode to 7 Rounds won, with each team playing two halves per match; once on Global Risk and once on Black List.

After all six matches in total have been played, the two highest-scoring teams will advance to play a best two out of three series.  These matches will be similar to those of the Round Robin but played to 9 Rounds won instead of 7.  The first match will be played on BlackWidow, the second will be played on Eagle Eye, and the third (if necessary) will be played on Mexico.

In all cases, the primary criteria for victory will be number of rounds won.  No tiebreakers will be played during individual Round Robin matches, since it is the overall result that determines advancement.  If there is a tie for Rounds at the end of Round Robin competition or after the third match of playoffs, a 1-round "Sudden Death" match will be played, with the team that has scored more kills playing Global Risk.  In the event of a tie for kills, tiebreaker procedures to determine team preference are as follows:

1) Highest number of successful bomb plants - enemy bomb defuses
2) Highest number of successful bomb plants + successful bomb defuses
3) Highest combined team Kills - Deaths
4) Coin Toss

From Tomcik

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Mars31 replied on 11-19-2011 9:25 | Locked

would be nice to get some WCG related news :)

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Sandman84 replied on 02-25-2012 14:47 | Locked


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BlitzzCF replied on 09-27-2012 6:14 | Locked



Why did you say ''lol'' ? no

 By AngelisM :)

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Why did you say ''lol'' ? no

Why did you bump this super old thread for no reason? 


#closing this up

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