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GMDuchess idea [idea] Posted: 09-12-2012 14:30 | Locked

Hello Mercenariesclap!

Below you will find topics regarding Crossfire EU game policies and guides. Please feel free to read through them and familiarize yourself with the game!

Game Info:

- Supported regions

- Community watch program

- Stance on farming


Admin Info:

-Account sharing and falsified info


FAQ's Created By Players:

-General FAQ by GoldCookiez

-FAQ on Free RP by FearTheSun


Thank you,




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GMDuchess replied on 09-12-2012 14:36 | Locked


Crossfire Europe: Supported Regions


Crossfire Europe is primarily intended for a European audience. 

Due to licensing and publishing restrictions, there are certain regions that we will be unable to offer service to.  This is generally due to the region being served by another Crossfire publisher; where this is the case, we encourage you to check out your "local" release, as you may experience better ping times and a better localization there.

Players from outside of the European Union who are not covered by this list are welcome to play Crossfire Europe, however we must remind these players that we may be unable to offer technical, game and billing support to anyone who plays from outside of our supported region.

If you are playing from any of the following regions, you will not be able to play this version of Crossfire:

Hong Kong
Korea, Republic of
Moldova, Republic of
Russian Federation
South Ossetia
Trinidad and Tobago
United States

That being said; depending on your country, there may be a version available for you to play!



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GMDuchess replied on 09-12-2012 15:16 | Locked

Crossfire Europe: Community Watch

Do you think that you have found a cheater?oo;

Do you know where they got these cheats from?T.T

Well, do we have great news for you! Effective immediately, we have established a web form specifically for the purpose of sending our GM Staff such hack reports. <new edit 01/09/2014>

**Under no circumstances should you attempt to download and/or "test" a hack! Hack use in any context is a violation of the Terms of Use and will result in action up to and including permanent account closure.**

Alas! You can use this to report a player who you suspect has an unfair advantage (with pictures!). Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Select the Hack Report as part of the Support Menu on the CrossFire Europe website Or simply use the url

3. Fill out the form correctly with your email (the category is already chosen:

4. Fill out the Subject with: “Hack report: (Hacker IGN)”

5. Fill out in the description:

a.    Hacker IGN:

b.    Hack used: (for example: Aim bot)

c.    Time on replay when hack observed:

d.    Any additional hacks found:

e.    Time on replay when additional hack observed:

f.     If important, mode where hack was used:


6. Add the replay as your evidence under Attachment by clicking “Browse” for the saved replay on your hard drive (typical under C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents\Cross Fire\Replay), select and press “Open”

7. Press send!

WooHoo! We did it!

Now, go out there and catch some cheaters, soldier!




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GMDuchess replied on 09-14-2012 10:45 | Locked

SG Interactive Stance on Farming


Attention Mercenaries!

There has been a lot of concern over "farming" recently, and we wanted to take this opportunity to make our stance very clear on the subject.  If you allow another player to kill you in a match intentionally, this is prohibited.  If you "trade kills" with another player or group of players, this is prohibited.  If you abuse an alternate account for the purpose of farming kills, this is explicitly prohibited.  Kills must be earned; not bought, not given.

Whether you call it boosting, farming, swapping, rank abuse, or just plain cheating, scoring kills illegitimately circumvents the intended design of the game and is considered an exploitation of game mechanics.  Because games played in this fashion still reward kills, wins, mission progress, title progress, and most importantly EXP, players who act abusively are gaining an unfair competitive advantage, and it's absolutely unacceptable.  Furthermore, in some cases these players are actually utilizing unapproved third-party applications to facilitate the abusive activity, which obviously is a huge security risk.

With that in mind, please take the next line as seriously as possible, since the effects they will have are no laughing matter.


A recent survey of results from the Assignment Annihilation event revealed a surprisingly large number of accounts participating in illegitimate kill farming activities, we wish to see this and any related activity cease immediately.  Accordingly, we can announce that 1719 accounts have been removed from the game tonight as a result of this and related abusive behavior.  Please understand that stern account action such as this is something we would rather avoid, as we would greatly prefer having players than banning players, but we will not sit idly by as these negative influences undermine the integrity of our game and the ranking process.

However, at the same time we also understand that this community is new to our service, and may not have fully comprehended the gravity of our anti-exploitation language in the Terms of Use or our willingness to proactively enforce it.  If you honestly did not realize that your actions were considered cheating, please send an e-mail to "" with your account name, In-Game Name (IGN), the name(s) and if possible account(s) of any character you were exploiting with, and a brief explanation of the circumstances.  We may on a case-by-case basis choose to provide more lenient treatment for players who legitimately want to play by the rules, as we understand it may not be as obvious to everyone what the full effects of this type of cheating are.  Do not submit your appeals to 1:1, do not submit them on the forums; ONLY Account Administration will be able to assist players who were banned for farming.

Once again we encourage all players to steer clear of offers to "farm" in matches or to abuse an alternate account for similar purposes, and to report via 1:1 Support any players whom you believe to be participating in this behavior.

We thank you all for the reports we have received so far, and we will continue to track this issue as best we can to ensure a safe and fair competitive environment for everyone.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

-- Crossfire Europe Team --


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