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Supadene posted on 08-05-2011 15:41 | Locked

Hey guys, my IP is currently blocked from signing up?

I am from the UK and UK is part of Europe, I don't quite understand the point of calling it crossfire-eu if eu members don't have access to the game.. sounds a little retarded IMO.

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cfxelmo replied on 08-05-2011 15:43 | Locked

You guys got your own Crossfire (NA/UK) so what yo want here? :D

old work.

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Answered (Not Verified) clar1ty replied on 08-05-2011 15:44 | Locked
Suggested by kiingpt

Let me explain you.

So, Crossfire NA/UK got the license for publishing it only in America and UK. Cause we will not be able to play Crossfire NA/UK, SG Interactive made Crossfire Europe that will be opened for registration only to European players excluding UK cause they already have a Crossfire. SG Interactive bought the license for Europe but not for UK like Z8Games bought the license for America and UK and not all Europe.

Hope my post was useful.

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KolindaG replied on 10-11-2018 11:38 | Locked

UK is not considered as in EU anymore.

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Entropyst replied on 10-11-2018 12:33 | Locked


UK is not considered as in EU anymore.

Please don't bump 7 year old threads...

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