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    [quote user="DemonForce"] [quote]I lvl. until like probably at the 160's-170s' when Gwen1440 was banned for uhh... Something that would hurt the company's reputation.[/quote]What was it? Don't worry, after what they did to TO they can't HAVE a good reputation lol. It's funny you're trying to get us to play other
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  • Re: Share your Trickster story!

    *Inserts "Hikari Furu" instrumental on* Where to begin... The Beginning: It all started when my sister was introduced to Trickster Online by a childhood friend of hers. They were into the DOThack phrase where we want to try an MMORPG to pick up the same experience without the mindtrip non-scripted incidents, lol! I easedrop from her back and
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  • Re: Japanese Trickster vs. English Trickster

    There was a "guide" already, but take note that speaking ENGLISH is a bannable offense. (Just like how Spanish speakers were treated in eTO.) if you're planning to go through the long way, make sure to treat your experience as a "visit" like touring a foreign country than just an excuse to play. Also for the record, jTO has more
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  • Rant.

    This is a response to this post and I do not want to go off-topic on Scope's thread. For startes: Do NOT offend my game and my fun! PangYa is a sister-game to Trickster and so far, like stated in the last two comments: It has a decent player base both on fantasia and hardcore TOMHAWK shooting! (Yea avoiding golf terms here since PangYa is more than
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  • Re: Jenny the Cat Mascot/Pet @ PangYa

    @GottaLuvMute : Whoh. Dedication. Also something as big for an essay. Anyway, I can understand how that feels for a game closure. My real life friend whines about TinierMe closing, and it's hard to get into. But with Trickster closing? Now I understand this feeling. I can say certain that this game needs a good rest until another publisher is ready
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  • Jenny the Cat Mascot/Pet @ PangYa

    Thought I share since I think I'm the only active one in PangYa? (Or sort of...) So yea. Decide to play with the mascot around. For some odd reason she did not show up in my Stroke/Match games. The 3D model and animation was so adorable! What's great about this pet/mascot is that it's PERMANENT ("most" mascots are timed) and it
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  • Re: Increase Spicy egg finding rate.

    I have not done the new boss yet, but I do strongly agree about the increase drop rate. (In fact, Can we do this to all of the quest items so far?) It wouldn't hurt if the trials are the most challenging in the roaster... +1
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  • Re: -=~* Cait's pseudo-hackz efficient PVM Hybrid Bunny (Duelist) Guide *~=- (non myshop and myshop)

    Skimming through your guide, I think yours had the in-depth potential for a solid Duelist guide! (Duelists <3 Forever!) I run my own as well, but it's built for the ggFTW layout, and I don't have the time to post them... But I might find the time to update and I hope that we can share information that will help future Duelists out there!
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  • Re: [Contest] Show Off Your New Skills!

    Lighting Strike is far by one of my most FAVORITE AoE offensive skills and a vast improovement for the Piercing Wave tree! :D This shall be a huge suggestion for TM 260(?) (veteran-ish) Duelists! IGN: LadyGaap Server: Jewelia
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  • Re: Daysafter's Doodles

    MMAADDOOKKAA!!! <3 Sorry... But welcome to the Puella-magi herd! And EEEE I love your Lion drawing~ :>
    Posted to Trickster Graphics & Arts (Forum) by Timer on 02-03-2012
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