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[Contest] Your Trickster Holiday Wish!

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GMArtemis snowman [snowman] Posted: 12-06-2012 7:59 PM

Tis the season, Tricksters, and we want to know your holiday wishes with our newest contest!

What: A writing contest!
How: Write us a letter about how you've been good (or bad!) this year, and what Trickster presents you think you deserve! Letters should be no longer than 500 words. Letters should include a wish list that totals no more than 30,000RP in value, and may only include items currently available in MyShop. Please note that this value is a guideline - your entries will be judged on creativity and content and not your math skills! At the same time, try not to ask for everything in MyShop!
When: 12/6-12/20, due no later than 11:59PM PST
Prizes: 5 lucky players will receive the items on their wish list, totaling up to 30,000RP! If your list goes over that value, we will pick and choose which items you win up to that value.

We'll be selecting our winners based on creativity and adherence to the rules, so make sure you follow them! To enter, you'll want to make sure you do the following:

-Write your entry just like a letter. You should address it to Santa GM, and sign it from your IGN (In-Game Name) and World.
-Entries without a valid IGN and World will be disqualified - we need to know who to send prizes to!
-Post your entry here in this thread. Entries received elsewhere will not be accepted.
-Make sure you submit by the deadline! Late entries will be disqualified.
-Only one entry is permitted per person. Make sure what you write is your best!
-The 30,000RP limit is a rule of thumb. Try not to focus too much on the numbers, and focus much more on special items you truly want and why! Your writing is much more important than how close you are to the RP limit.
-Follow our Terms of Use. Violations of the TOS will result in disqualification.

Winners will be announced December 21st. Prizes will be distributed December 26th, so be sure to log in and check your mailbox after you've gone through everything under the tree!

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to provide answers as they come up.:)


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princessuni replied on 12-06-2012 8:21 PM

To GM_Santa

For Christmas i would love:

1 Refiners set

3 AP Magic stones 245

3 HP magic stones 230

1 Pangya special box 130

1 Primrose box 160

AP Hardant 180

I would really love these items for Christmas and i think I've been good this year...OK, I've been bad this year.

but i'm trying to change that! I believe in second chances and this year i believe you've given me a big one.

I am trying to change to become a better player and with these items you'll be helping me! with my equipment all compounded i'll

be super strong! and be able to help keep the fields clean of all those meanie monsters.

I love Trickster Online so much. I hope you GM's all have a wonderful Christmas! same for

anyone else who reads this post. 

Love, (IGN) Millieschild.

Server: Fantasia. 

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AAAngel replied on 12-06-2012 8:57 PM

Dearest Santa GM,


I hope the conditions of the Server room find you well Santa GM, I hope the data monsters are behaving themselves and Mrs. Santa Gm is making you some programmer's best Coffee.

Although I have been both good and bad, I feel like it would be a season's blessing to receive a Christmas gift from you, GM Santa, I would be better to others and keep my promises if I do win! Since I do not have a job currently and take care of my disabled mother and grandparents, I just hope someone, me or not, enjoys 30,000 Rage points! Not to mention, I want something that is not in MS, more then anything! If there is some magic left in you Santa GM, could I please receive a Red Devil Wig horn from the Asuka give away from 2007? If my request is too much, like little Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" where his biggest wish (to his dismay) is the *BREATHES* lol Official-Red-Ryder-Carbine-Action-Two-Hundred-Shot-Range-Model-Air-Rifle!



It's just that important to me, but if it is against the rules entirely, I could also use..

1) Spinel's Seed Set, because 2 Guardians are better then one!

2) Mini Helicoptor 230 (Head Item) For my Dwagon, AAAngel, OuO;; he is due for a leveling! at 219 now!

3) Some Gacha coins, cause you Gacha my heart with that game! :)

4) A Few Repair Powders!

5) A few Nates's Bottles!

I leave you with my love and a poem of what this game means to me~

-=~Hunting... Hunting... I /run/ into the -fray-, Looting... Looting... I keep those Torrobie's at bay carrot!  Fleeing Fleeing, Magic Meltdown is a ^&*%^ mad!   Trickster! Trickster! always seems to scratch that itchy itch. Gms! Gms! how I want to be thems love!     Christmas Christmas! how slow you get to us, Holidays come and go but playing this game never grows old, hunting and selling, trading and fast track, keep up the good job Gm's bow you are what keep the players coming back! <33~=-


Love, The Ever-Evil-Good :} , [AAAngel - Jewelia]

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princeeric replied on 12-06-2012 8:57 PM

Dear GM_Santa,

For Christmas I would like:

Titania Crystal Set

HP Hardant 150

2 Growth Vitamins

3 Nates Bottles

I have been really nice this year! I've helped some of our new coming Tricksters, and I keep an eye out to help make sure the server maintains a nice environment for people to play. I guess I try to be your eyes and "ears" when you're away from Trickster. Well, that's all.
May everyone have a Merry Christmas! 


Server : Fantasia

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fromdash replied on 12-06-2012 10:10 PM


Edit: NICE TRY SANTA! Your feeble attempt to disqualify me for using images will not hold me back D:<.

 I have removed my images to be safe for certain; lets see you worm your way out of this one, eh? one


Deeeeaaarrrr Santa GM~

I've been a baaaaaaaad child >:] .

Do you remember the time someone stole your clothes?

And the time someone set you on fire?

Yeah.....that was me cool. This year, I've focused on being extra naughty; and I can say with pride that my effort has helped me reach a new level of evvvvilllll >:] . 

How have I become more evvvilllll, you ask?  On the 18th of July; I committed mass Bad Fury genocide, 'nuff said.

And so, you ask yourself; why should this brat get what he wants?

Because; should you be foolish enough to deny my demands, you will never find your clothes again, your precious north pole will burn to ashes, and the population of bad furies shall become extinct.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough*, my request is simple; two mature compound sets; it seems that, ever since I stole his pants, Nate has been a real party pooper about my comps (I THINK he might not like me.....).

There is no room for negotiation, if you attempt to contact authorities the torrobies shall be next to be exterminated.

I'm so being BAADDDD :}

-xMareep, from Fantasia

P.S- I'm in the festive mood, so I decided to throw in Rudolph's nose at no extra cost. That's right, if you be a good child (OH THE IRONY!!! lol) and do what I say, you'll get Rudolph's nose back too. Who knows? I might even give Rudolph himself back.




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ItemsHolder replied on 12-07-2012 1:52 AM


   I've been helping many new players who have joined the game for the last 4 months and they're very grateful and a few were kind enough to send me gifts though I didn't ask for anything, we've enjoyed running through caballa island together and taking on strong monsters.. sometimes equipless, to raise the challenge:

I gave away so many things over the year.. It has made some people happy at the worst of times :D

 I've also been mean to one of my friends and for that I'm sorry, and sure do hope they forgive me, If I were to be selected as a winner I'd like a "30+5 Gacha Coins" to be sent to "Excessive" in Fantasia server, thank you very much~

- A Trickster

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Justafact replied on 12-07-2012 5:35 AM

Dear GM Santa.

I can't say for sure if I had been a good or a bad boy while trying to become a Trickster, since I have always been a solo player doing my thing. Well, being a fabulous low level player is kind of tough, as you try to reach the top level as fast as you can and earn lots of galders, while ignoring most players around. At least I can say that I was helpful to some newbies when they asked questions regarding the game, or help them completing some quests, but that only wouldn't make me a good boy. Not that I care much though, haha. Anyway, if I were to wish you some christmas presents, then I would like these things under my imaginary christmas tree:

1. Venus Crystal. Having a companion around while hunting would make me feel better and less boring.

2. Hot Pot. Sometimes, it's kind of necessary to be hot-blooded to have way more fun.

3. Emo Mask. Not that I'm an emo or sad. Unfortunately, it's the only good item for a raccoon. It can't be helped. Maybe they want me to be an emo D:

4. HV Hardant 120. An "equipment" for my companion. Yay!

5. Lock Candies x2. They will come handy when I need to change my companion's stats.

6. Repair Powders x5. I don't think I need to explain why I need it, do I?

I would be greatful if I were to win this contest. Yet, nothing would change if I were to lose. Or maybe I would become a villian and try to fear new Trickster wannabes in the game for not getting my presents. Just kidding. Well, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year, same goes to many people in the game and the staff working the best they can, I hope (it's inevitable to be skeptical about this xD), to maintain this game as it is, despite the many bugs and errors it has.

Yours sincerely,

Nerovqsr from Jewelia.

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Desert Beach Town

Caballa Island

Ruby Island


7 December 2012


To dearest GM Santa

How have you been? This is my first time writing to you and it is an honor to do so. I hope everything is well. I haven’t been well this year if you ask, in fact it got from bad to worse. I have not gotten any Legendary Unique equipment ever since I came to Caballa Island. I nearly got a Dread Cutlass from the last Boss Summon Event but I was banished and someone else took it. Well, what do I have to say? I’ve had bad luck all these times and evidently I see no improvement whatsoever.

Anyway I have been a nice player this year. I donated a few million galders to some new players who just arrived to Caballa Island this year. I would say it’s a form of repay to that kind player who did the same thing when I first arrived. Some of them even asked me for equipment. Of course I refused, but I did give them galders to buy some beginner equips though. Once I was even proud of myself, I was hunting for some quest items. A cute Bard came by and asked me for help. Even though I told her I wasn’t strong enough, I told her that we could hunt together. She was so happy she kept spamming the ‘=)’ face! We became friends and very soon we started a small guild to help out other Tricksters. It lasted for a few months before I closed the guild. People became less helpful and even started stealing and scamming others. Caballa wasn’t like this in the past and scams are becoming more often. We need to be strong in order to protect Caballa Island from these bad people. This year I want to wish I were stronger so I can help! I need to enhance my items! I came up with a list of items for you, GM Santa, so that I will become stronger.

5 HP Stones 230 – 8500 points

3 HV Stones 230 – 5100 points

2 Nate’s Bottles – 7200 points

3 Pink Elixirs – 8100 points

With this, I believe I will be stronger and tougher. Well I better not bored you with more stories as you are busy. Thank you for your time and I wish you an early Merry Christmas!

Yours sincerely


Jewelia server


P.S.  Use your magic and make Caballa Island an interesting and crime-free place for all people and their friends to play and enjoy with~


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Dear GM Santa

Time really flies when we are enjoying every moment. I can still recall last year’s Christmas event as though it was last week, lovely times~ Over the past year I was busy with schoolwork and stuffs, I didn’t really have much time to level up or buy new items from MyShop >.< I want the MyShop Items! Why? Because I have been good and nice the whole year ><!

I helped my friends at school with projects and assignments, even though they are not in my group.  I showed my concern to my friends when they needed me the most. Well I’m not good all the time, there was once I teased my friend, hehe. He lent me his Boss equip for accessory quest and to use it. When he said he needed it back, I told him I lost it. Of course he thought I was joking but I managed to convince him that I really lost it. He totally went berserk and left the game. At that point I felt guilty and told him the next day it was only a joke. Yeah I was bad but we both laughed at it after that.

It’s been a long time since he last logged in, I kinda miss him. So dear GM Santa, I would like to take this opportunity to get those MyShop items that I missed and also to get him something when he returns. Here is the list:

1. (10500 points) 7 Haruko Pet Boxes – I really want the pet, she’s so cute!

2. (8000 points) 2 World Star Boxes – I want to collect them all, they’re too cute!

3. (7200 points) 2 Flare Boxes 240 – I just know he wants the Blazing Boots, they’re so I love you!!

4. (2700 points) 1 Pink Elixir – This is to strengthen my equips since I need to catch up with my friends’ levels  =3

I hope this letter reaches out to you, Santa. Lastly I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and also do me one last favor, could you use your magic and bring Poppuri back to Event Garden? Thankies!!

With love <3



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Megalopolis Square

Caballa Island

Dream Island

Fantasia Server (Whoo!)


8 Dec. 2012


Dear Santa GM,

Yeah, I totally copied off the format of metalliboy92. It was just too cute. I can't say for sure whether or not I've been a good or bad kid this year, but I've definitely been a Trickster! A lazy one, anyway. But with my fast-track character from the Summer event, I've slowly but surely leveling up and attaining Enlightenment. I've got my Guardian all ready and planned out, too! I just need to hit level 180, now. Though it is unfortunate that I've been missing out on some awesome Trickster events lately. I'm so behind on the times! I don't think I've gotten new equipment for the past two years? Save for my Miracle Jen 140's. I just needed the sprint, because that's boss.
I guess I've been somewhat helpful; the last few times people have been looking for certain monster cards, ect., I usually go out and hunt them and give them to the person for free. I mean it would be nice to get some galder for my poor kitty, but I'd feel bad getting like 100k for a measly monster card so I would just reject the payment anyway. However, that doesn't stop me from being a little greedy! I've been eyeing MyShop very subtly the last few months. Here's some of the stuff I think would be useful:

20+3 Gacha Coins (20,000 points) -- 'Cause Gacha is really fun, and I get really useful items but then I run out of coins and that's no fun.

3rd Job Sheep Fashion Set I, II, or III (7,100 points) -- Again... my sheep. I already have a fashion set for my cats, so why shouldn't my sheepie have fun?

Twinkle Coloring (1,400 points) -- For my second job kitty. She needs some zest in her appearance.

Super Twinkle Color (2,700 points) -- Again. The zest and the appearance and the color. And the kitty.

All right, so I'm pretty sure I went over the "rule of thumb", but you get the idea! Obviously, I could go without some stuff, but this is pretty much the gist of it. Man, are sheep costly! I would've loved to ask for like points for when another character box comes out, or for the Valentine's Day boxes, but clearly those aren't really in MyShop right now and it'd be silly to ask for such.

So I just wanted to say it's been another great year on this wonderful game, though schooling gets in the way. There were some fun events this year, and I hope to see them repeated! I hope Megalopolis is decorated again for the holidays, because that's one of my favorite updates ever. Maybe we should do like a Secret Santa thing. Hope you have a happy holiday and be sure to visit the servers! I can't wait till Christmas. I'd love to help deliver presents someday.



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