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Redo Party system + Party Bulletin

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TheCait Posted: 04-27-2012 10:59 PM

we need some motivational factor to party nowadays. Just sayin.


5 years ago everyone partied. Now there's none.


For example: Like, if you're in a party, it might increase the number of monsters in the map. .. so easier time killing.


Maybe the monsters should be 'instanced' in that the parties can see/kill the extra monsters, but non parties cant.


Or even something like a  chance that using a skill will summon an extra monster  upon usage. I know this is possible, because of the impelling rage bug a few years ago.



And we need a trading board in addition to the party board. Since EVERY thing on the party bulletin is trading right now,lol.


Heck, If i had my way, we'd have some sort of auction house where we could put an item on auction, and others could search for current auctions and bid on it..

Or even just a trade shop, similar to the auction, only search for static prices.


I know ntreevUSA doesnt do these changes, but i'd like to put my opinion out there. xD



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I like these suggestions. It seems people get offended if you try to create a party, lol. The party system is so great, but no one even uses it. Sad. :<

+1 to everything, especially the auction house.

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