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Kitasen Posted: 04-26-2012 9:45 PM

CTRL + F to find.

Usually on either Minoriko or KitRev, probably both. Minoriko is usually at Megapolis Square, an orange-haired first job sheep, near Monkey T. If I'm not questing on Kit, he's near Kochi/Pachi.


SC 16 [ Probably only buying only after the Ebon Admiral Hat is sold ]


Snow Quests

  • Miniature Snowman x21 [ 50k ea]
  • Red underpants x3 [115k ea]
  • Luxurious blanket x2 [125k ea]
  • Thick socks x1 [175k ea]
  • Pink lipstick x1 [200k ea]
  • Portable AC x7 [500k ea]


  • Steel x10 [100k ea]

Rose Quests ~ all 75k unless stated otherwise.

  • Ballet manual x1
  • Music box x1
  • Silver rose x1
  • Jewel box x1
  • Magic crystal x3

Skill cards

  • Undine's Blessing x1 [100k ea]
  • 4th Anniversary Skill x1 [10m ea]

Secret cards

  • Secret Card 6 x1 [4.5m ea]


  • Fairy foot warmer x1 [~500k or offer]
  • Music Festival Star Headband 100 x1 [~10m or offer]
  • Hunter Master shield (fuse with Bronze shield) x1 [~20m or offer]
  • Hunter Yuna's hammer (not yet fused) x1 [~15m or offer]
  • Ebon Admiral's Hat (clean) x1 [~315m or offer]


  • Stage 1 Requiem box x1 [~2.5m or offer]

KitRev 196 182 Jewellia


It's been forever since I've been here.

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