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[Contest] Your Trickster Holiday Wish!

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Hello everyone, just a quick update -

Unfortunately, due to holiday preparation and events, we weren't able to finish reviewing all the entries for the contest on the 21st. We'll be finishing this up today and have you winners by the end of the day. I apologize for the delay.

Thank you!

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You guys should take your time in reviewing the entries. It's all worth the wait and I'm pretty sure the rest of us will agree with me in saying... you guys shouldn't rush it. Just look through the entries and take your time. Happy holidays btw, Artemis.

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Apologies that this wasn't posted over here sooner, but I was out sick and Dionysus helped me wrap stuff up while I was at home.

If you do not follow our Facebook page, these were announced on the 27th.

It was a tough decision, but we’ve finally decided on the 5 winners for the Trickster Holiday Wish Contest! The winners are:

xMareep (Fantasia)
Alemina (Fantasia)
Enthalpy (Fantasia)
Excessive (Fantasia)
creamy (Fantasia)

The prizes for our winners should have been distributed already. Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulations once again to our winners!

(I would like to add that we had some finalists from Jewelia - unfortunately, we had some disqualifications as well, and these are the winners that remained/were exemplary after we narrowed down our choices.)

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