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"Exceptional error!" strikes back! (Why are you still here EE?)

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Chaoswill Posted: 10-30-2012 2:37 AM


Do you want to hear a fun part? I was just about to make Shot a Gloomy gun weapon for the later video.

Wanna hear more? I went on my other account to see if it were only my main that was doing this. It was.

There´s more...  I for fun sake, tried my main account with the Fantasia server. It worked.

In other words... my main account got lagged out in Jewelia.


Most likely there is a way to fix this. It just seems like some sort of technical problem. Lagged out characters and accounts, we´ve been here before. 

Though this is the first time I bump into it.


Well, until my sent mail get answered or they do a maintain, I can´t keep going for now... just thought that this should be notified. It might happen to you too... just suddenly like that. I´m willing to bet it was the shield I was about to equip.

This was the shield anyways - Witch´s Ice Shield 

And NO, I will not go to another server... my guys are at one server only and that video I want to make is about them, not new guys.



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Whoah. Same shield I equipped when I got the error. 

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What, really? Oo' Then it´s that DARN SHIELD!!! Let´s tell the staff quickly!!! :O

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