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Increase Spicy egg finding rate.

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FiendRoar Posted: 10-02-2012 3:19 AM

I auto dig 12 hours and i only found 17 Spicy eggs. If you enter Spicy Trial there's a chance that you will fail in Memory/Sliding puzzles and many hunter stop hunting Spicy because of Spicy eggs or the Memo/Puzzle trial. Spicy Trial is very long you need 30min~50min to finish it.the longest trial is on Clerk gem quest (5min~15min+ per gem) and i also tried manual dig and found 2 Spicy eggs in 25min then i enter Spicy trial and failed in memory puzzle. My suggestion is to increase Spicy egg finding rate. Spicy eggs are really expensive ~_~ If you don't like my idea i got another ideas.

1.Spicy eggs can be bought in Clerk shop (Spicy Island) around 10k~50k.
2.Spicy eggs can be dig-able in Tap gate(Medium finding rate just like Bear fur)

and also increase the finding rate of Gem Ring.


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Seiyaryu replied on 10-03-2012 1:26 AM

+1 imho they should allow Spicy eggs to be dig in Tap gate. I'm a Spicy hunter and i stop hunting Spicy Dragon because of Spicy eggs. It's take ages to complete Spicy set with the current Spicy egg rate and GM can't summon Spicy Dragon in Boss summoning event because Leviathan buff is needed in order to beat Spicy Dragon

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I have not done the new boss yet, but I do strongly agree about the increase drop rate. (In fact, Can we do this to all of the quest items so far?) It wouldn't hurt if the trials are the most challenging in the roaster...


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It would be cool if you could drill them in Spicy Dungeon.

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Please Increase the Spicy egg finding Rate T.T

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I'm equally concerned about the fact that it takes more than half an hour just to get through these boss trials.  I'd honestly like them, in general, to be less . . . "labor intensive" (and by that I mean boring/tedious).

In complete agreement with you about that drop rate.  You shouldn't need an auto driller/secondary digging character just to get an item to get into a boss trial.  Strikes me as just a tad extreme.  O_o

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wellanie replied on 10-10-2012 3:43 AM

+1 I'm almost run out of galder. Bought Spicy eggs 400+ and never found Spicy unique. The trial is fine even it's take long to finish. unlike on other boss trial item pass it is easy to find. so Spicy trial item pass should easy to find too.

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little suggestion: take quest from Cletta (Tapasco Boss Room Trial Entrance) and then drill Spicy Eggs, with this quest in logs you have better chance to drill Spicy Egg. It's a old update to help player to drill what they want.

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+1 Drop rate is way to low ._.

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Lol using driller boy and complain about the rate. So much about effort.

A better suggestion would be to remove all the crap like potions and 500 galder coupons and replace it with compound waste like in the other trials.


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