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Account Admin’s Complete Guide to 7767 ~ FAQ

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GM_Syn up [up] Posted: 09-07-2012 3:14 PM

Hello GameRagers!

There has always been some confusion about the 7767 message, and what it means to players.  Journey with me for a moment while I explain this issue, how it happens, and what you can do about it if it happens to you. 

Don't have time for this information?  I have just the thing for you!


TL;DR ~ 7767 is not an error, the account has been restricted. Please email to resolve the issue at hand.



For those who are still with me, let us begin.



~ The 7767 Message Issue ~


What is the 7767 message?

The easy answer is:  the 7767 message tells you the account has been restricted.


Many of you claim the 7767 message is an "error".  It is not in fact an error, but a notification to both account administration and the user that something is amiss on the account itself.  The 7767 message tells us both a serious violation to the Terms of Use (TOU) has occurred for the account, and it has been restricted until that violation has been resolved.



What is the TOU?

TOU means Terms of Use.  In a way, these are the "Laws of the Land of GameRage".  You can read the Terms of Use on our website: When you registered for your account, you agreed (by registering) to follow these rules.  If the rules are violated, the account can be restricted (usually until the violation is resolved).




How do I know if I have the 7767 message?

If the account registered to you has been restricted and is generating the 7767 message, you will be notified when you attempt to log into the website. (Note: Gamerage does not email you to notify you of this restriction.)


In past years, the 7767 message has looked like this:



Now, players are redirected to the account admin support form ( which looks like this:




Why did I get a different error when I tried to access the forums?

Forum restrictions do not generate the 7767 message unless the violations to the Terms of Use continue to occur.


A forum restriction will look like this:



If this is the error you have generated, you can resolve the issue by submitting a 1:1 Support report from our website (  Simply log in and click on the Support link (example shown below):


 Note:  Account Administration does not address forum restrictions.  If you generate the Access Denied message, and email account administration, you will receive a response asking you to submit a 1:1 Support Report instead.



~ How The 7767 Message Happens ~


How did I get 7767’d anyway?

As stated above, the 7767 message occurs when an account has been restricted for violating the Terms of Use in a severe way.

There are many reasons the 7767 message happens.  The list below is in no way all-inclusive.  Some causes of the 7767 are:

·         Allowing someone to log into your account (for any reason)

·         Logging into someone else’s account (for any reason)

·         Hacking

·         Using a proxy to hide IP addresses, or avoid regional restrictions

·         Filing Chargebacks and other payment disputes

·         Pretending to be a GM, to be related to a GM, to have a personal friendship with a GM, or to work for GameRage

·         Severe harassment or bullying of other players

·         Illegal behavior within the services



~ How To Resolve The 7767 Message~


OK, So I’m restricted. Now what?

Now that you’ve confirmed the account registered to you has been restricted, it’s time to find out why.  To do that, you’ll need to submit some account verification information to account administration.


There are two ways to submit an inquiry.  You can either email or you can fill in the web-form shown above.  Regardless of what method you select, you will be asked to provide information that can verify you as the registered user on the account.  Most commonly, the questions asked will look something like this:






Uh-Oh…I used fake information when I signed up. Am I banned for good now?

Not necessarily.  Account Administration will try to make a verification of the account information.  It’s helpful if you notify account admin that falsified information was used, and try to guess at what information you might have used.  More often than not, the players do manage to guess the information they registered. 



I can’t access the email I used to register my account. Can I still email account admin?

Yes, you sure can….but you will need to tell account administration what email address is on the account, and explain that you no longer have access to it.



Okay. I sent in my inquiry. Can I log in now?

Slow down bucko! It’s not that easy.  Now comes the hardest part…..waiting.  The 7767 message can happen for many reasons, and each case is different.  Some take longer than others, so account administration must now investigate the reason the 7767 message is occurring on the account.  When this has occurred, account admin will respond to you via email with next steps, or a resolution. 


A simple way of thinking about it is:  If you haven’t gotten that email, the issue hasn’t changed.



I sent the request 1,337 times.  Why haven’t I gotten a response yet?

7767 inquiries are handled in the order they are received, each time you submitted your inquiry, you pushed yourself further and further back in line. 


Picture it this way:  When you sent the inquiry in the first time, you “got in line”.  When you sent it in the second time, you got out of line and let 3 people go in front of you.  When you sent it the third time, 7 more people got to go in front of you.



I sent my request in, and didn’t get a single reply. I’ve waited 2 weeks. Is this normal?

No.  You should have, at the very least, received an email requesting you verify the account is registered to you.  If you have not yet received it, please check your spam and junk email folders.  If there is nothing there, please send another email requesting status on your account.  Account Administration might not have received your email. (Note:  Adding and as safe senders in your email settings will prevent emails from GameRage from going to spam/junk).



I replied to the verification email, but still don’t have an update.  Why?  (~ or ~ My friend got a response even though s/he sent the email a day after me. Why haven’t I?)

Some cases are very simple to resolve and take only a moment.  Others are quite complicated and can take days (and on occasion, weeks) to resolve.  You can always send an email in to inquire about the status of your investigation if you are curious.



I don’t like the response I received from account admin. Can I appeal?

Yes.  All players have the option to appeal the outcome of their cases, even if the email doesn’t specifically say so.  Simply respond to the email you received, and state why you disagree with the decision on your account and request further investigation.  (Note: Appeals are not guaranteed, and can be declined.)






If you’ve made it all the way down here, give yourself a pat on the back!  (That was a lot of reading).  Here’s a picture of a cat as a reward.  :D




Thank you for taking the time to learn about the 7767 message.  I hope this information has been helpful to you all.


[heart] ~ GM_Syn




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Syn -


I'm glad that there's an official 7767 topic. You guys know more about 7767 than I do, so definitely some more info coming from you guys, but I have a few comments.


I'm not trying to sound mean or anything like that, you guys know me ^_^, so I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way. This is constructive criticism. xD



1.) 7767 In a lot of cases IS an error.  To us, when looking for support when we find the account 7767d, we'd look for "7767 error". There's a reason why I chose that word in my guide. We're people. We're upset. We'd like to be comforted that this "punishment" is indeed an error and not our fault. (and a lot of times it isn't our fault!) saying it's a "message" tends to make us feel.. more threatened, sort of. I know that this is getting kind of deep, but I'm really into English, its usage, and how it affects people. :3

Saying it's an error, a mistake, makes us feel a lot better about it getting resolved, gives us hope. Then explain the situation on how you got it, and what to do about it.

Example: Phoenixy logged onto my account one time. He obviously wanted to see how awesome I was. Anyway, he triggered the 7767 on my account. Which I flipped my lid over, obvious reasons, lol. My 7767 was indeed a mistake. An error.



2.) It took too long to make this guide. This guide should have been made a long time ago. I shouldn't have had to study the 7767 error, talk extensively to the people who've got it, read tons of different forum posts, and even experience it firsthand (ask Phoenixy, he haaxx0rd my account xD) and then make the guide.

3.) I like the touch of humor throughout the post. (I've emailed 1337 times, cat at the end, etc) I've found in my ventures of leading communities online since 2001 that even a slight touch of humor really  helps people feel at ease, helps get you through the post, and really encourages you to read the whole thing instead of skim over a wall of text. Thanks for that, I really appreciate it.

4.) I'd like to update my guide with some more information from your post. Such as the, submit it only once or else you get pushed further down the line part.. and also to link to this post... I think both of our guides are good, but both lack things from eachother.....but that post seem to randomly be broke... no other posts. Just that one. I know this prolly isn't your fault or anything, but it re-directs me to


Thanks again for the official guide. :3 

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@ TheCait ~ thank you for your feedback. Please find more information per topic below.


1. While I understand many of you claim it’s an “error” and include that in your search results, Google doesn’t understand anything about the 7767 message, and only processes a cache of commonly searched terms.  It’s really not an error.  This message only happens when a violation to the terms of use has occurred. 


For example…. I had a Trickster player who once contacted me about the 7767 message.  She had never violated the Terms of Use in such a way as to generate the 7767 message, and yet she had obtained it.  Her confusion was obvious.  In investigating her issue, I discovered she had experienced a billing issue in which she had requested GM assistance.  In order to troubleshoot her difficulty, the GM in question accessed her account.  Later, another account that had also requested GM assistance in the past was restricted for violations of the Terms of Use, and the Trickster Player I mentioned originally obtained the 7767 message.  While you may view this as an error, it is not.  The system was doing exactly what it was designed to do.  It saw two accounts being accessed where they shouldn’t be, and locked the accounts in question to prevent damages to the players who had registered them.  When the girl contacted me, I was able to see this, and released the association so she would no longer obtain the 7767 message.  (See #4 on your “What is “7767” section of your own guide)


2.  I didn’t make this post earlier for several reasons, the least of which being time constraints.  Creating comprehensive guides for the users is incredibly time consuming, and in the past I have felt my time could be better dedicated to resolving the 7767 issues for my players, in lieu of simply explaining it to them.


3.  Let’s face it – not everyone loves the Terms of Use as much as Synnie, and 7767 is boring reading! I had hoped a touch of humor throughout would alleviate some of the tedium.


4.  Please feel free to use anything I post on the forums in your official guides.  Sometimes player’s feel things are more validated when they come from a GM.  I do have to comment about one thing in your guide – While I personally appreciate the recommendation to players to remain polite while emailing, doing so will not in fact release your account any faster than someone who is blatantly rude.  Provided the Terms of Use are followed in the email responses, players are permitted to express their frustrations (meaning – don’t cuss out the GM staff if what you really want to say is “I’m frustrated by this!!!!”.)  We’re all human, and I both understand, and forgive, rudeness when something is upsetting to a player. :D



On a final note – the maintenance issue you’ve reported is a known issue we are working to resolve.  As always, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and your patience while we do so.



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