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finaler Posted: 04-06-2012 5:52 PM

It seems like every game I go to, whether it be new or old, people are always saying something along the line of 'this game is dead' .  It can be full of people, cities crowded (such as meg here) game rooms fill up quickly (some games) or just easy to find people to play with/against.  What does the world consider full?  Must a game be overloaded and laggy 24/7 to not be "dead" ?  It's something that really bothers me when a game has millions of pre-orders and tons upon tons of people playing for the first week-& years to come too but even just less than 1 month people will call a game dead the moment they get the servers up to par with the number of players.  Just because a game isn't lagging from too much going on does not mean it is dead.    


I just wanted to vent.

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Tuvis replied on 04-07-2012 5:20 AM

People just like to proclaim doom and gloom whenever a game doesn't satisfy their needs.

But hey... Revolution killed Trickster.

... Couple of years later.

Killed, huh?

But hey, TBC also killed WoW.

... Right?


Don't think most people who claim a game is dying know what a dead game actually is like.

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Yep.  I've seen a dead game before.  I logged on to that game and there was nobody on any server at all.  Some hours of the day you may see up to three people!  Don't remember which game that was but I actually found a couple like that.  Very rare site.

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Ikadea replied on 05-07-2012 9:38 AM

It's all cool to vent, yo. Better throw it out than hold it in.

Just as mentioned before, people just throw out those words when they're not satisfied. Another reason is that the game's dead to them personally-- in the sense that they have no reason to continue playing. Honestly, even though there have been crazy changes in a game, I go back to it once in a while to play again. That's not a game being dead, it's just a person being stupid. Not only that, a person could also say the game's dead if they have no one to talk to. From experience, and no I have not said the game's dead, I had no one to talk to and I was more than fine while playing. I always thought that people were just talking to others through guild chat, party chat, or even whispering to one another. Pretty hard to strike up a conversation for my part.

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