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GMRaven Posted: 01-07-2009 1:01 PM | Locked

Hello Tricksters and Knights,

Wanted to make an announcement today about a few of things:

1.       We do not allow account sharing for any reason. If we find that an account has been accessed by anyone other than the registered user of an SG Interactive account, including but not limited to: power-leveling, account trading, account sale (This includes giving out account info to have someone else recharge points), the account in question will be closed permanently.

2.   If we find that a player has listed any SG Interactive account information on any website other than the Official SG Interactive login sites, we will take immediate action as to close said account and any associated accounts. Character names/Nicknames are fine as we encourage players to interact and this information can not be used to access an account. 

3.   Using unapproved programs to alter any SG Interactive published program, site, or source files in any manner will result in immediate and permanent account closure. (This includes Macros)

If a player has any concerns about the security of a registered SG Interactive account, they should change their password immediately.  SG Interactive takes the security and integrity of their published products very seriously.  The Terms of Use Agreement exists to protect all players as well as SG Interactive itself. 

Any violation of the Terms of Use Agreement can and will result in an account action up to and including a permanent ban

Access Privileges to any account are clearly noted in the TOU agreement.

If there are any questions, please review the TOU by clicking here.

Thank you,

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