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Mission objective doesn't update.

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iMarnix posted on 04-26-2012 10:16

At the Dino Training Card Mission set, at the first card, I have to Assist a T-rex.

I killed several Human with red circles, in the right-upper it said: Marnix > AssistBite > [OtherPlayer]

So that sign with assist kill.

But the objective doesn't update. I still need an Assist T-rex. 

What to do?


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Send a ticket to 1:1 Support and report the problem. (Project Blackout -> Let Us Know -> Bug Report - Game)

You can try switching to a different card in your Dino Training Mission Card Set. Upon completion of those missions, try going back to the uncooperative card and see if the T-Rex assist works.

Otherwise do as GardenOfEden says and submit a 1:1 Support Ticket.

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