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Leveled up and didnt get anything

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408mafia Posted: 04-06-2012 12:04

i leveled up to SGT-1 i should have gotten 8k credits i didnt get any and it said i got a gift in my gift box there was nothing there. can you fix that...

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Report 1:1

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i was leveled up to 2LT-1 and i didn't get my bonus credits(14000credits). some are saying taht its a bug.pelase clear this bug and bring back my 14000credits :(.


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1:1 support!

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I lvled 2 times without getting any credits, why?

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I have same problem :( i already send a msg to 1:1 support but nothing...he don`t answer me :S

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Same thing... SFC-IV, supposed to get 10000 Creds, but didn't get anything. Plus, 1:1 is down...

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Same problem,level up on saturday, got nothing.

Post in 1:1 support, get no answer.

IS THERE STILL SOMEONE TAKING IN ACCOUNT OUR PROBLEMS OR DON'T CARE ?????? (but taking our money as well ????)

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Sme thing happened to me. lvled up to mgs-1 (general) and got no credits and no giftbox , even though promoted message mentions the giftbox. pleas fix this gm's as this is incredibly disheartening; to work hard to gain exp only not to reap the fruits of one's labour.

please i hope the gms can find a way of restoring credits and gifts people didnt receive once this bug is fixed.

1:1 support is down so i cant even try to bring this to their attention.

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Okay guys we get it you don't need to repost it like 50x all you need is to say it once to 1:1 support thats all -__- its already at their attention they are going to fix it in their next patch most likely.

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I had this same problem


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If they are fixing is taking a lot cause i have this problem over and over in my accounts.i have to change account because of that. If they dint fix it quickly they gonna lose a lot of players.

Hello Everyone,

We apologize for the inconvenience. The issue has been resolved as of yesterday, and all credits that have been lost by leveling up since 04/03/12 maintenance will be restored during the next maintenance.

Thank you very much!

-GM Hermes-


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Whats the point of QQing about it on the forums

the community already got compensated by another DailyDestruction.

I also ranked twice and didnt get the credits.. i dont mind, still got around 600k  >:D

just be gratefull for the free things you get.

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LOLz Kai you didn't use your credits like since you created the account or what? I'm only 220k, but I still buy some credit weapons and missions. 


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