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i3 engine event log error

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tr0pickush posted on 01-15-2011 18:07

is there anyway i can get passed this cus i know the games graphics arnt that good but heres my error


..\..\..\src\i3Gfx\i3RenderContextDX.cpp(733) : [bool __thiscall i3RenderContext::Create(class i3VideoInfo *,void *)]

MESSAGE: Graphic Device does not support PixelShader: NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra

Hardware test Error:: Could not create render context.

System: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

then it says break or continue

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Suggested by geetah

Your hardware (in this case the gpu [graphics card]) does not support a feature that the game requires to be able to run, (Pixel Shader).

You should try to upgrade, or use a gpu emulator (not recommended though).

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update ya drivers. get the latest directX


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the same thing happened to me but i have directx 10 and there is still saying the same thing help plz

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