Weekly Event: Feedback wanted for "_____Boxes"

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GM_Cylon Posted: 04-27-2012 1:31 PM

Hello guys!

It looks like there has been a lot of feedback (which is great!) about what you guys like, what you would like to see changed and over all thoughts and opinions.  Instead of having several smaller threads, we'd like you all to please post, constructively, on this one thread...  not to be mistaken as "the one thread" .... lol

Opinions are varied so please do not post negative comments towards one another as this will NOT be acceptable. Instead please keep the posts on topic.  We look forward to hearing what you think is good/great and what you feel can be improved upon.

Please note that to help our support team and the Pangya Devs in being able to focus on a single thread, we will be locking all other threads and asking you to post here.



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Thank you for doing this. I may have been a little harsh posting in the other threads but I am willing to be calm and civil here. All righty this is what I believe needs to change.

Quit with the Lottery Boxes. Please can you just make them buyable in the shop (Such as the latest tie-in you have done. Why not make the Mascot for example $15 for Permanent and cheaper for Rental? Also the Rates in the Boxes are very low. We're not asking for 100% Rates but at least give it a 50/50 shot.

Also if you decide to keep the boxes, please make the Lucky Boxes more worth it. How about having a LS with say these items.

1 SSC Ticket

150 *Insert Comets Here*

20 *Insert Consumable here*

See? Much more worthy for people who are willing to gamble.


Next up, please keep the Events fun & Interesting. It feels like that every Event requires a LOT of Grinding. 100 Hours last year? The recent Fruit Box event? How about more Approach & Pang Battle themed Events? ^^

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I will start with a positive feedback.

You(whoever made this possible) surprised us with the first collaboration with a less known anime/manga. Good job. We all know that we may not get everything Japan and Korea gets because of copyrights, but its a step in the right direction.clap

I will leave the more negative feedback in this matter to the native english speakers... but I want to add one more thing.


We could need more variety in events. Like approach, guild related and match (2 vs 2). Its not always about who has the most pang, who is the highest level and who played the most time.

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Thank you GM Cylon for creating a huge Feedback thread. I've linked it from the petition so others can be directed here instead of creating single threads and avoid repeat feedback in them. The petition I created was in no way to harm the admins or GM's since you guys are doing your jobs. If my description sounds disrespectful to the company, I'm sorry. But a lot of us has been playing the "nice and patient" game for far too long, and I'm really happy that the company has taken notice of it!

I also would like to thank the directors for getting the collab with Nise (I'm surprised we didn't get Vocaloid or Hello Kitty since both series and characters are REALLY popular). My sister and I are huge, huge, huge, huge fans of the Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari series (we're patiently awaiting for the OVA to come out later in the year!), so when we saw this, we were REALLY excited, we were both ready to drop $50+ to get all of the Nisemonogatari's outfits and items. Once we read the actual announcement, we were really disappointed and angry that they were put inside of the Chance Boxes.

My sister and I are casual golfers, so we're not all into the math, guild battling, etc. that others do in the game, but we do care about the community a great deal - I mean, what's the point of golfing by yourself if you don't have anyone to play with lol?! We like to talk, have fun, meet new people and enjoy the game overall. We will spend money for the game, but only if it's worth our time and actual money. Whenever we see new items pop up but then read it's placed in either the Gacha, Scratchy, Boxes, etc. we get discouraged and don't want to come back to the game - what's the point of sinking in $50 when you get 1 item (that's probably not even what you wanted) out of 10+ that were released?

I'm sorry this post is so long, but I wanted to post my own 2 cents. I like what has been said already, and I'm sure others will have more opinions to help fix the game, but I really hope the changes get into effect soon!

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hi GM, thank you for posting this thread as a way to communicate with players who were unhappy about more lottery boxes.

If these _____Boxes were to stay here, I think many people would like to have a guarantee rare (or rare of choice) after trying a  certain fixed amount.
At least this way, we know that throwing in our money into this server is not into a bottomless pit and winning nothing :/
This ____Boxes make some players feel hurt after spending a huge amount and winning nothing. You know we LOVE this game :( and the friends we have in here...
Please don't spoil this experience by doing these kind of hurtful stuff.  

It would be great if you could also implement the same thing on all future updates of Gacha.
I believe players will feel happier if they are promised a rare after a certain fixed amount of tries
and when they are happier, naturally they will trust this server more to spend more money in the future.


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Well I am very very ecstatic to see that we have gotten Montogari collab finally in our servers. It has been a HUGE wish for many players to see a collab, to come to Global and hopefully we will see many many more.

I do feel that the Boxes are a good thing because we can directly buy them. I would like to see either a fixed price for these boxes though, we have had a range from 4k points to 6k points per box so it is a bit sad to see why such ones vary in price. It would be great to be able to gift these boxes to friends as well.

Also, it would be good to see the "Lucky Box" prizes updated with the each set. For example. we have static prize of "200 Montogari Comets" but instead any Lucky Box should just include those comets or another unique themed item (title, cut-in, etc.)

If they wanted to totally remove the box system altogether it would be really fun to see a web site based gacha which allows players to buy "spins" using Points and again win one of the rares or a unique themed item or common items (boosters, calipers, etc.)

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Thanks GM Cylon, now we feel like we being heard for a change ( i barely seen any GM reponse lately)

TBH i excited when i see the collab outfit in the facebook, but hammered down after see the fact thats its available in boxes. due the fact that 1. i have bigger chance not to win rares 2. if i win the rares it had bigger change its not the one i want.

1. For Future collab,please make them direct buy instead. and please be reasonable (20~25k depending on how many pieces included). i know i might've already snatch a full set if it was direct buy. also..

2. Make  Box B  giftable ( not to be confused with tradeable).

idk why this kind of box is "Purchase only". i understand if gacha coin wasnt giftable, since it's not exactly an ingame item. plus i remember that Black friday box were giftable. so its possible.  some people had 7767 and depend on gifting to get their item.


ohi thar~

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I'm not completely opposed to a lottery system, but $5-$6 per attempt is excessive, especially when the "interference" prizes are so underwhelming. Also, I think that certain events should not be based on luck of the draw, such as the Nisemonogatari collaboration. It only creates hard feelings during what should be a joyous occasion. Recycling old gacha items is one thing, this is quite another.

Also, to echo the sentiments of some fellow players, the boxes (and gacha!) should have a guaranteed bonus rare after X number of attempts. There is no worse feeling than spending $60 on these things and receiving zero rares. If a player is willing to spend a large amount of money on this game, he or she should be rewarded appropriately. Pangya would not exist without the dedicated cash players, and yet we seem to be taken for granted more often than not.

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Please, please, PLEASE make the boxes giftable. For people like me with 7767 and not getting it taken off after excessive amounts of waiting for a reply to my emails(about 4 weeks now), we would like to try for these awesome collaboration items! We could buy points on our alt accounts and gift the boxes to our main accounts! It would most definitely make this whole 7767 issue I'm having a LOT less frustrating after waiting for SO long! So, please make the boxes giftable!(if not box A, at least make box B giftable, please!) thanks for readin'... -555neesnu

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I'm really happy with this collab :) but only 1 thing would made it better please make the outfits(20k or 25k),clubs and mascot, direct buy, so we costumers have a choice what we want to buy instead the boxes with too many lucky sets, people will spend more and be more happy that's what you guys want, right?

Edit: why putting these comets in the boxes as rare if we can buy them in shop?? :S


Sorry for my english :P


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I have no problems with a little gamble, even gacha coins and card packs are a little bit to expensive. We had the 3rd anniversary boxes(3.000 cash,<- reason why I never bought a single box) right before the Monogatari boxes, but why are the Monogatari boxes 5.000? Thats WAY TO MUCH. You need to wait until we, the players, recover our wallets.I remember your warning 'To much playing can harm you!'. You should add this too 'To much gambling can harm you!' 'Gambling can be addictive!'


A promised rare after a set amount of 'misses' or used coins/boxes would be great. On Gacha and Boxes!




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Try to stick on topic folks as Cyclon said :) That being said thank you so very much for listening Cyclon ^^


So heres the deal as is clear by now we are unhappy with the boxes for sever reasons.


1. Boxes have poor rates & are often watered down with unworthy booby prizes ( I.E. Lucky Sets , Common Items & the like ) While I understand you  Guys do need to turn a profit being a Business & all & me being a Self Employed Business woman part time Take a minute to consider your Product. Yes I understand developing items Takes time & Isnt free in the least but consider this if you the items you are marketing are nothing more than pixels as in Data that appears on our account when obtained. There is virtually 0 Stocking , Shipping Handling etc costs to you once the item is made in other your profit margin is at least 99.9999999997% ON EVERY POINTS SALE. Now I get that the collab box might be different but again consider that Every after development Costs licensing fees & possible Royalties on EACH SALE ( Depending on the terms of the agreement reached with the collab Partners & whoever) That still even shared In Game Items Profits ARE PURE PROFITS LIMITED ONLY BY THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS YOU CAN CONVINCE TO BUY THEM BY WHATEVER MEANS ( Marketing in game Promo's Events Limited Time ONLY SALES etc. )

2: Back on the initial complaint on Booby Prizes if these boxes are a must we layers dont mind so much but consider your pricing purchasing options and the worth of the Booby Prizes. Currently I think ONLY 1 OF THE SO CALLED LUCKY SETS EVEN COMES CLOSE TO Being of Equal worth to the the Price spent.. Now you may be asking yourself but what about profits.. Well I think my Prior Paragraph summed it up well. PIXELS/DIGITAL ITEMS / IN GAME GOODS *Insert whatever other freaking name U can use or come up with* ARE A PROFIT SEEKERS DREAM THE ULTIMATE IN SELLING ITS A PROVERBIAL GOLD MINE IN & OF Itself. So Please IMprove the lucky sets some How

So Far I like the the Idea by a previous poster of ( Note added some other Ideas )

*Insert Quantity of SSC Tickets here ( Prefferably in my Opinion 2-4 Tickets would be best as players love SSC Mode but currently suffer awful drop rates ) *

*Insert Comet Name here* Quantity 100-200

*Insert Lame or Semi Decent Consumables here* LSP DSLP Etc should be 20 Items like Pang Mastery Time Boosters & Auto Calipers should see an increase of say 100-300 Depending on the Item

And perhaps increase rare rates while increasing the # of Lucky sets to match our suggestions. LS#1-15 Is good but lets add say 9 more well structure sets under the suggestions. Perhaps including new Prizes such as Love Chocolates, Spin Cube Keys (AKA Keys Of Fortune ) , Chestnuts, Love Candy, Perhaps 7 days Free of a Random Mascot, & Other things players might enjoy Im sure this can be done


Anyways thats all I has to say for now as Im currently working a Killer Double so I shall conclude with Post responses ..... :



I'm really happy with this collab  :)  but only 1 thing would made it better please make the outfits(20k or 25k),clubs and mascot, direct buy, so we costumers have a choice what we want to buy instead the boxes with too many lucky sets, people will spend more and be more happy that's what you guys want, right?



Agreed Put ALL The Collab items in shop even at higher than normal pricing would be acceptable say 15-30K Per Clothing Set, 14-18K Clubs 10-15K Mascot Permanent or Cheaper rental options like other mascots say 7-9K points Per 30 days, 5-7K For 7 days & 3-5K Per day that way players of ALL Income/Financial ranges can have a shot at the sets. And similar to Super Saver  Sale fairly recently offer Comets in the Following Bulk & Pricing:

*Comet names here* 50 comets for 2K Points 100 Comets 3K Points 150 Comets 4K Points 300 Comets 5K Points & 600 Comets 6.5K Points again appealing to ALL Savy shoppers & their Price ranges



Edit: why putting these comets in the boxes as rare if we can buy them in shop??  :S


Simple really Ive heard but yet to confirm Prize is 200 Comets which at Shop price = 6K Points but box is 5K Ergo for 1 of the few times in Pangya history you pocket some savings :3


*Edit # 1 * Also I agree 120% With the Guaranteed Rare Of Choice after X Number of Tries NO MATER WHAT Idea. I understand we cant do everything other servers can but for god sakes This is perhaps the fairest & Most Reasonable IDEA EVER IN ANY GAME!! I mean come on think of big pocket spenders like some players I know who Tried 40 Plus Boxes at times and failed hard Likewise with my Current Worst Gacha And or Box records Records being 2/108, 0/147 , 0/99, 0/77, 1/102, 0/107, 2/87, 1/100, 1/65 Respectively in Gacha's Ive done in my entire Pangya Career *Note that Some of the gacha's were on other accounts but the coins were consecutively spent in the respective Gacha Cycles on the respective accounts in which played. When I say other accounts I mean old accounts lucky it was my alts that won 0 Items while my Main Boasts about 5-8 Rares obtained thru gambling means *

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Thank you for this organized opportunity for us to express ourselves.

I would like to begin by saying:

Thank you, GAMERAGE, for picking up this game when its previous publisher gave up on it.

Thank you, also, for your efforts in allowing us veteran players the opportunity to recover the time, money, and memories we lost when said publisher let this game go.

I still love this game, and am very willing to support it with my patronage to play my small part in assuring I can continue to enjoy it for many years to come. That said, however, I've had to evaluate my spending, and this is what I've decided.

I'll spend my money when I know I can get what I want.

When an outfit or item I want is in the shop, available for direct purchase, I will buy it.

As for luck based items, such as boxes and gacha, if I have the option to choose what I want after a certain point, I will buy them. If a bonus item comes along with luck based items that I want, I will buy them. If there is no guarantee I'll get what I want, I won't buy them.

This is what I've decided, and I am in no way trying to discourage anyone else from spending their money the way they want to.  I just can't handle spending 100 or 200 dollars to not get what I want any longer.

GAMERAGE, if these boxes keep the game going, then go with it. Just because I'm not buying them doesn't mean they aren't working for you. I can live with skipping rares, so long as the game continues to exist. That's the most important thing, for your livelihood, and my fun.

However, if you make it so that I can get what I want more consistently, then I will be an even happier player, and I will have more reason to spend.

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Hello GM_Cylon,

Thank you for taking charge of our feedback and suggestions.  In my original suggestion submitted through 1:1, I have outlined several ideas here:  Suggestion for Pangya's Collaboration Event

For this feedback topic, I will describe some of the popular suggestions that I agree with...

Popular Suggestions:

  1. Direct Buy of Collaboration Outfits/Rares in Pangya Shop - More players are willing to buy the items directly for points knowing that they will receive exactly what they paid for, which will lead to more sales and happy customers.  The company will also see a increase in sales if these items are giftable.  Keep in mind that some players have more than one account, and will be glad to buy outfits for them.  I believe that it makes more sense to adopt the direct buy approach for collaboration projects.  I would also like to see these outfits reasonably priced at around 16,000 points.
  2. Guaranteed Rare - If we could pick our own rares as an reward after X number of boxes, then it'll give us an incentive to play these "____Boxes"  The main reason some people have stopped playing these "____Boxes" is because most of the time they will not win the item that they're aiming for.  Even if they did win a rare it will most likely not be the item they wanted, the item will just sit in their inventory as a constant reminder of the money they wasted. (many players have also petitioned for a Gacha Exchange event.)
  3. Better Consolation Prizes - It's an insult to our intelligence to be calling these common prizes "Lucky Set #__"  Most of which are either useless or not needed by most players.  It would be a good idea to do away with the lucky sets and either allow the players to choose from a list of items or to include useful items  for every box you buy.  (such as SSC Tickets, or even Card Removers)

With great power, comes great responsibility.  Thanks again for doing everything possible to help our voices be heard.

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Thanks GM_Cylon, for the first time in a long time i feel like being heard in the suggestions forum.

Well... I'm not really against all chance boxes but i'd like to see them as a "last chance" to get some rares, like the 2011 and 2010 lucky pouches, after all we could get some rares we didn't have the chance to get because u didn't have money at that time or wasn't active in the game. Although if it's the only way to get an item that won't be available in any other way it's really disappointing since it's 1. very expensive 2. have bad rates 3. you can get any item even if you only want one of them.

so my suggestions for this boxes are:

1. Don't use them for collabs anymore, I'm sure more people will buy them if they are directly in shop. I don't even know this anime, but i really loved many of the outfits and would collect most of them, but when i saw it was going to be chance box i felt like not tryng to get any anymore. As i stated before, use them as a last resort, a last chance to get an item you couldn't get before.

2. As many others suggested already, guaranteed rare of choice for either Gacha and Chance Boxes are a great way to keep people playng.

3. Exchange events! (that's my favorite) there are so many people asking for it, and you can even profit it with... people won't stop playng gacha or chance boxes since they will need a rare from that set to exchange!

Thanks again for hearing us, even when somethings are not going to happen it's good when a GM posts at the suggestion forums so we know we are being heard, so please make that more often lol 

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