Kaz's Intellectual Hair

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Destrie4 Posted: 04-27-2012 1:20 PM

is anyone tradeing or selling Kaz's Intellectual Hair?...and how do u trade and sell lol XD im abit of a noob with this.

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Hi, Destrie4! :)

I sell or trade my Intellectual haircut for Kaz. Feel free to leave an offer for it. I accept either Pang or rares.
By the way, Pangya doesn't actually have a trading system. What they call "trading" underlies the reliance of both people - you and the one who gives you something. Usually, both traders hand out their item(s) they want to trade to the other player for 1 Pang (each). They ask each other to open a password protected Lounge on the Dolfini server, so that no other person can interrupt the trade and might steal the item(s). In the same way, you can use the mailbox. However, using the mailbox will cost you additional Pang as shipping fee. If both people trust each other, there needs to be one of you both to hand out his item first. If that's you, you must be sure that your business partner is reliable and trustworthy because if it turns out that he's not and runs away with your item, you cannot be helped by anyone after - your complaints will not be replied. Neither will you get you item(s) back, nor will you receive the item(s) from your business partner later. Luckily, there's a nice player out there named Vileplume a.k.a. Orihime who took the effort and made this List of Trusted Traders. I'm on this list for example. Feel free to read through the original post of that thread, so that you know how this list works.
To simply sell your items, you just have to go to the Dolfini server and enter a public Lounge. There you need to right-click on your character and click on "Open Shop". Once you have adjusted the items and your desired prices, you only need to choose a name for your shop yet, and click on the "Open Shop"-button.

I hope that was helpful enough for you; the rest should be self-explanatory. Just in case you still have questions, feel free to ask me. I'm glad to help and deal with you. My in-game name is Albatross(e31), what is yours?

See you in-game, cheers! v

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yes! lol very helpful ^^ thankyou, my in game is the same as Destrie :D. ill get back to u on the tradeing and stuff. Now that i know more about it i can try it, thx agian!

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