following issue with logging into my account. after got hack

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invecta posted on 04-27-2012 9:14 AM

4-19-2012  Im got hack in my main account which is sometimes1(im lost 2kk pang and all rare item  n 600 point)  im  change my password and send a detailed email to with the subject  but got no feedbacks. im can log in every day but no play             4-26-2012  i logged on my account and this id go to doffini sever for buy winter fragment for make rare item for nell  character for come black to playing  and log out for eating after this im connot log in what going on 

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E-mailing the Account Administrator using the e-mail address you put out is primarily to solve issues as highly ranked as an Error 7767 error (which you can find more information about in another part of the forums. I will not go through the details of a 7767 here.)

You should always use the 1:1 Support System to find out why you are unable to access your account when you return from a momentary break.


As always, the standard in account security remains:

  1. Never share your account with anyone else.
  2. Never log into your GameRage account on any other website that doesn't end in * 
  3. Never give anyone your login credentials. Remember: No GM, GameRage Staff Member, Forum Moderator, or any game official will ask for your password - in slight chances, since I've never contacted the accounts administrator, neither will the accounts administrator.
  4. Never leave your account on a public terminal and always log off when using a public gaming computer or a friend's computer. (You'll never know.)

To properly find support, please use the 1:1 Support System to further complete your support request. Thank you.

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