Shut down - BOOT-kit warned

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Virus2501 Posted: 04-26-2012 1:16 AM

Well, it happened today when I updated the latest patch, I logged in as usual and found the gifts, then I went to my Mailbox to redeem it but as soon as I click the mailbox icon the whole game just freezed and during the 3 next minutes I can't even call out the Task Manager to shut it down but when the 3 minutes were over, the game shut down. Few more seconds my computer's Anti Virus (Avast) responded me with a warning about a BOOT-kit which belongs to ProjectG. I've tried to re-install the game but the problem kept happening. Please fix it as soon as possible. Thanks

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It's you, hun. You need to put project G on Avast's exceptions list. I am not sure how to do this, because i do not use Avast, but normally it's under tools/exceptions. Look for your pangya file, using that, then find project G, then select it to add to exceptions. This will cure the false positive Avast is causing you to have.



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