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Alysoness Posted: 04-25-2012 2:55 AM

How can i load up Cherry Credits and Levelup Philippines? i cant load up may credits. because when i load up it say error have occur , then it says you cannot try to verity your pp credits.. Waiting for response Jersoness of the Philippines

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just wondering.. did you recharge the card at the Cherry Credit website first before going to Pangya's?

here's a guide:


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Cherry points seem to be having some issues as of late, so has the UGC (Ultimate Game  Card) recharging method. I am not sure about Cherry, but maybe it takes a bit to go through like what has happened with some people who use UGC  that i know. If your cash points do not go through i would suggest calling/e-mailing the people who do Cherry and get it straightened out ASAP. Be sure to take a picture of the code and attach it to the e-mail when you do this, they may require it for help.



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