Halloween new sets ?

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QuanXiLip Posted: 10-23-2010 7:29 AM

Of course the ones were selling are from previous season.

But I think ntreev will give us the ones that appears on the launcher . Am I wrong ?

Well, this's all I can get after messing around with pangya (us) files and folders



...couldnt find Lucia though....

If you guys have something else , pls let me know :(

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why can so... OO

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I really want that Lucia outfit.Someone mentioned we might get them on Halloween as a day long special which i'd say is a pretty good idea.

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I want buy One of these sets Ntreev plsshame


Only Onelol pls.

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Do want Max's and Lucia's sets love

More tea vicar?

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Most of them look really nice. Maybe TOO nice as I'm affraid it will end up in gacha...

EDIT : I really like that they are coming with cheeks for Kooh and tatoo for Max, hot~

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woah this look interesting.. <3


Just hope they put it on shop on the halloween day..

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if these had been out in gacha wouldnt they be much easier to find.

did you find the images..from playing with files or from sites.


:O id so love lucias, it's cruel to leave her with no halloween outfit this year.


thanks for sharing the pictures btw.

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lol. kooh has blushes lol 

vampire vampire vampire che ( if you know wad this childhood game means :v )


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i just hope they wont put it in gacha...D:

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Also, they are changing gacha this week on pangya JP so unfortunatly this will most likely be gacha...

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Mwahaha, Pangya Japan has a Halloween update!


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Omg why does Lucia's set have to be so cool!!! I hope this is not gonna be gacha :(

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Omg why does Lucia's set have to be so cool!!! I hope this is not gonna be gacha :(

Hate to disappoint you but this is already confirmed to be the newest Gacha on Pangya Japan so very likely it will be a gacha here. The set is

Azer - Frankenstein suit
Max - Count Dracula suit
Lucia - Succubus outfit
Kooh - Chinese "hopping vampire" outfit (Kyonshi)
Nell - Black Cat (but it will not be on the US server since we don't have Nell)

There's a chance that since we're missing a character they will put these in the shop but its rare for a new gacha to be a shop item.. >_>; Since there is nothing for my Arin, I couldn't care less hat


"kk" is not a word. oo;
Kaz x Lucia love

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O great that Lucia outfit looks really nice.It just had to be Gacha :/

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