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GILLIGFAN replied on 01-10-2012 8:18 AM | Locked



For GM tourneys I also think that every player should get to choose their prize,or instead of getting gacha coupons, scratchy coupons.

I do agree that everyone should get a chance to play, I have school, that lasts 8:15-3:00, and some days after school I have a program, I am not asking for you to fit my schedual exactly, but at a time where school-aged people can play too. (4 or 5 maybe?) Along with that, dont just make 99/100, you should make it like 999/1000, so everybody gets a chance, 1000 is a bit crazy though, so mabye something like 250.And specifying different level groups are important too.

I am a Junior E, but I play VERY horribly, I only have one albatross lol so rookie-junior, senior-semi-pro, pro-(I dont know what comes after) but that is what I mean, beacuse I have played games, where everybody is a higher level than me, so ofcourse I get last place, I dont think this is fair at all.





1st off last I checked there was no such thing as Gacha Coupons but yes the option to pick our prizes within reason for a GM Event would be nice but I dont really see it happening. At least not any time soon :-(


I agree more should get a chance to play & pushing the Thursday Tee Time back by 2 Hours would be great the Friday time however is nice as its easier ta get in & more laid back most of the time :D  Yes 100 is pushing it but then again so is 250 as I recall GM's used to be able to do 300/300 but the servers had some issues with it :-(

I believe the most they can achieve now is 200/200 Which while it would be nice to see is usually reserved for extra special event Like the PWC  Qualifiers and whatnot. Also there might be some hesitance to do make Tee Time that big for fear of not filling the 2 Rooms  as well as giving out so many prizes :/


Also due to the fact that the words "GM Event" takes over the bottom of the screen and given the larger number of players than a normal Tourney  as well as a few other factors I dont see how feasible the the Level thing would be :/


As to your Playing dont feel bad. I'm almost Amateur A ( I think. Ive got a lot on my mind atm and forget ) and I'm not that good either especially compared to the majority of players the same rank/level or below. 


It may not seem fair but the reality is there is little difference from Tee Time & The standard Tourney. You could ( & Mostly likely will) cross paths with players who are not only higher leveled/ranked but much better than you and you'll just have ta deal. Plus as they say life isnt fair and sadly neither the forums or the game are an exception to that :-(


Overall though I agree with you for the most part ^^


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BrittyKitty replied on 01-15-2012 12:30 AM | Locked

Before my wall of text, I believe Tee Time should offer larger rooms. Even though I live in the United States, and I clicked when the room had about 60 people inside(first click at 20 didn't register), by the time the new click registered the room was already full. 200 is still rather small given how many players are there, but it certainly would be better than the mere 100 it currently is. Otherwise, perhaps having more GMs on the more popular servers (Black Papel in particular, I have no idea how large the traffic is on Titan Boo...but I'm assuming it's about the same) could optimize the activity.

For the times, I find that they are very reasonable given the variety of time zones members of Global Play. So I have no complaints about that.

Now for the wall of text:

My suggestion is based in particular how the PWC tournament representatives are chosen. I posted this in another thread, but I deleted the wall of text there to move to here. I don't really under HOW anyone was chosen or whatnot, other than what M0rpheous stated. Obviously, I'm a pretty bad player so I don't keep up with this stuff. lol

Yes the Koreans had an offline tournament for qualifyers, but their scores are far from noob, even when compared to ours, because:

1) The tournament was held offline, and in real life (no calculators, no notes, etc)

2) They played different maps, on US they played SSC (meh) and Wiz City (where you can basically -35 without even knowing how to chip), whereas on Korea they played Wiz Wiz and Sepia Wind, MUCH MUCH MUCH MUUUUUUUUUUCH harder maps than the joke they played here.

3) Korea also played in PWC rules, which means only +1 pixel, no cards, 1 silent wind only.

After reviewing the scores in the singles tournament, I was a bit surprised that both Global and Thailand player managed to only get -20 in White Wiz. Sure, that's better than my score (-17, but I can't chip to save my life.) However, looking at the pang score, I'm lead to believe the Global player managed to have anywhere from 0-2 chip-ins that entire game.((Of course, I'm judging this by my score of 2,187 pang. But for all I can remember, I might have actually chipped in once during that game.)) This leads me to wonder if they do use actual calculators/notes, and were unable to chip without them.

Unfortunately, I don't know how Global could create a fair "offline" tournament given the fact we host several countries for our version of Pangya. I know they could hold an offline tournament, in say, California where their office is located. However, with travel costs, long plane rides(I live on the other side of the USA, and I know it takes me ~6 hours~ of pain to fly there. Imagine coming from the UK!)  just to participate in a tournament you may not be good enough for, seems moot. 

I suppose, if SGI had connections or sister companies located in some of the other countries, they could do an offline tournament. Then, the best two from each country that had the offline tournament could play against each other. After that, the three with the best scores are chosen. Even with this method, the winners from the other countries would have to travel to another country to try against each other. (Probably the United States given that's where SGI is)) And...unless SGI plans to cover travel, that seems like a waste of money as well. That is, for both the company and users who may have to pay for travel.

It's a very difficult situation for the company as a whole. Perhaps if they do choose to follow the online tournament route, they could do something like they had at the official tournament? That is, maybe a special server where there are these restrictions(+1 pixel, no cards, 1 silent wind only, ect.) in place. Even in this setting they can use notes/calculators, which might skew the results of players that are able to do this without the physical/electronic calculator who could represent Global without the needs of such methods.((Unless of course, they can set it up where you only get x time on a hole like in VS, but I'm pretty sure I've seen players able to do the calculator in the 40 second frame regardless.))

Though, I feel the courses chosen definitely need to be more difficult. Wind Hill, Sepia Wind, Wiz Wiz are a few that come to mind. I don't think SSC is a particularly BAD way to judge players either, given it's 17 holes from random courses (+ the last hole). Especially if  it is possible to rig it so the "easy" courses don't pop in. (Wiz City, Ice Spa, Blue Lagoon, Silvia Cannon(Because of the cannon wind?) ect.).

Overall, SGI should try to look over the way they chose the players to compete. The points M0rpheos mentioned may have certainly been a reason why Global did not do as well in the tournaments as the other regions. I don't believe my suggestions would be feasible, but perhaps if Ntreev helped out, they might be able to make an optimal online tournament.

IGN: Brittany


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hitsumo replied on 01-20-2012 12:41 PM | Locked

Hello my name is Lucas, 
Well I do not know if an idea will like you wanted to share with team pangya. 
On the day of the event titan free at least 3 staff Flood a lot and can not stop talking 1 minute, so I thought that since there are chat off versus the tournament and wanted to know if it is possible to chat off the lobby for the times avoids lag because my pc is not very powerful and I imagine that is not only my time then close the chat helps a lot. 
And something else will have to walk a long time we have GM events and I want to give the suggestion to change the items each week that is not rares points. Example: A week Choco and paper coupon. Comet Cleaners and second week, third week Choco and comets. And so on. 
Thank you for your attention and come agrandeçer the good work that you have been playing. 
Bye, IGN: well (e8) 

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Sphot replied on 02-03-2012 5:22 PM | Locked

Here are my thoughts at the moment:  i know i have voiced my opinion too much before, but now i guess this is my official chance ^^:

First and formeost: almost eveyone wants to participate.  since it would be impossible to accomodate this all at once, perhaps this could be done over several weeks / WEEKENDS.  to make sure everyone has a chance, please offer 1 or 2 pickup dates.  i would really like the chance to enter and not have to rely my "spam clicking skillz vs the fake room makers skillz" for my chance to play. in this format of course, once you have participated once , advancement is by invite only.

Second is the course picked.  a lot of players know ice spa like the back of their own hand and never play wind hill at all.  that is why i think an SSC format is most suited to this type of event.  this might also be good as you could have multiple 30 player rooms with top 6 moving on to the next rounds.

As for ranks, i have been in the room with 50 excelent players and no chance of winning. its not too much fun.  you cant go by level becuz most of the Pangya EU players all play way above their rank levels (ex. rookie A with -37 ice spa records). it would be nice to level this out somehow but i think it would be very hard to make the matches.  this is another reason SSC is probably the fairest option for course selection.

Since this event could span several weeks, special status points (ranking) should be given to the winners of each round.  each week the strongest survive, the weakest fail.  for prizes, i think the current ones are ok, but  maybe increase it some to help promote the event.  i know SSC ticket are very scarce as i play constantly and never find any.  card removers are always popular and needed so i would give those out, to help promote widespread attendance in the event.  the third idea is to maybe increase pang pouch and frag  drop rates especially for the event, with no DC penalty (the amount reduces as people quit SSC matches).  as the matches progress past round one, i would just use the pwc points/rewards system.  it seems fair enough, and i know i need more pwc points to get the items i desire.

my final thoughts (and i apologize for rambling on and on) is to try and level out the equipment used for the event.  an exapmle is drawn to the person who uses nell as their main with all the extras (wings, rings, clubs, ears, gloves etc).  it does make it easier for them to play against the newbie.  i really dont know how to do this other than the honor system so it may not work...

thanks for listening!  haha

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xzapdx replied on 05-28-2012 11:54 PM | Locked

You know what would be better? A banana royale, just banana everything. That be the greatest event possible. Think about it for a second I know it's a crazy idea but just imagine everyone using a banana as a weapon in some form. The map that would be used could be replaced as Christmas Banana, instead of snow it'll be banana smoothies across the platforms. It'll just be mayhem since everyone would split like a banana, hahah get it? A banana split.

 Anyways time to get serious. The teams would be setup as your average bananas which is the typical yellow ones which can often be softer and more limp as they age. The opposing team will be plantain bananas which are generally green or very hard. Yellow vs Green, not a bad idea right? I don't think any of the female characters should be allowed to participate it's more of a male on male battle. Not to be sexist and all but I don't think a lady would go low as playing with bananas and swinging it around like a mad person since all the weapons will be banana orientated.

I personally practice with my banana on a daily basis so I'm sure everyone will be at a disadvantage, but don't let this stop you from allowing this event. I personally won't participate since I'm horrid at the fighting scene.

Let me know what you guys think. I personally think this would be a great change of pace don't you think?

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Pssypherz replied on 11-12-2012 9:59 AM | Locked

I Think we should have an ICOG Tournament . WHY? Because, players need to test their skills WITHOUT Cash, its really hard to succeed in this game without cash, You got players with 142hp+Vest+Reaper Mask's . i mean COME ON. thats not pro thats just max gear. Reason why i want this tournament is because Everytime we have a tourney, its a cash player getting MORE Points, 

Prizes : 100K Points for the winner + Perm gun of choice ( Shop Only)

2nd Places :50K Points

3rd : 20k points

Rest of the players that participated : 2k points 

Well? What do you guys think? Fair?

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Karamok replied on 06-17-2013 3:15 AM | Locked

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