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  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 12th October 2017

    The Delta server seems to be great news! What I understand of not only this announcement but also the community response is this is an all-in move. As in, there are high expectations for the coming server configuration. Hopefully not unrealistically high though *cough* half life 3 I'm looking forward to seeing this server successful; generating
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by PoeticPro on 10-21-2017
  • Re: Killcam

    [quote user="ShadY"] + the frustration in public games is pretty much known, which triggers a part of the community to bad behaviour. Now imagine how much that would increase if those players now have to rewatch how they die I dont really think we need this ^^ [/quote] What if it could be a feature that can be enabled/disabled? I, for one
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by PoeticPro on 10-21-2017
  • Re: Good or not ?

    [quote user="timthekick"] u didnt tell me tho is it good ? [/quote] Rude
    Posted to Fan Media (Forum) by PoeticPro on 10-16-2017
  • Re: Allow libel WITH proof.

    +1, why are there rules protecting rule breakers?
  • Re: About flashbang grenades

    [quote user="xenderx"]Yo fossil , I find ur reply like this flash grenade ... I can't see it it has not flash effect. Please reply that "provocative and sickening" words/sentences in quotes.[/quote]
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by PoeticPro on 10-05-2017
  • Re: Question about kick

    Your best bet is to play with friends or clanmates. As a rule of thumb, don't try to appease the ingame community. A very visible amount of the player-base will always find an excuse to get you kicked for whatever reason. This applies for everyone. [quote user="linzhengtao"] I really do not understand why the crossfire European sniper
  • Re: About flashbang grenades

    There definitely needs to be an option to downplay the effects of flashbangs. [quote user="xenderx"] I really don't know how to reply to this but if they are going to do that (which they won't) they should just remove the flash grenade from the game cuz that is just cheating , or its just pointless. If you/someone can't handle
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by PoeticPro on 10-05-2017
  • Re: What would you like for Halloween?

    [quote user="Shabbina"] I Can remember to a similar Post/Thread like these but from last Year, i made there an Suggestion to bring for Halloween a new Map on whole Cf-Games. The Map should be like a " Horror- Thriller-ScaryMap", a lost Ruine of any Castle which is dark and dirty. Where Ghost's flying around the Map ( Can take
  • Re: What would you like for Halloween?

    A new character item. A badly drawn ghost on a towel worn on the player's head. Limited capsule with 2 variations. The GP version that has the ghost drawn in with a low quality marker and the RP version which should be drawn by someone drunk with board markers. The special effect could be that during Halloween and the rest of the month, the ghost
  • REP Hugh Hefner

    What a guy! Defined the childhoods of many, many generations. A great man, the best you could ever imagine. Sad!
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by PoeticPro on 09-28-2017
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