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  • Re: event they could do

    -1 since there is a reason it is needed in "weapon collection" At best, 5 capsules in some event.
    Posted to Crossfire Europe General Discussion (Forum) by Ice on 02-23-2018
  • Re: About CF EU

    [quote user="WinstonBG"] Any reason why is it closing? [/quote] [quote user=" Tony98776 "] Off topic: Why is CF JP closing? [/quote] No reason being explained, but it is pretty obvious that people lost interest in CF JP, although they had pretty good and free stuff in there. So less and less people were playing it.. After all, they
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by Ice on 02-22-2018
  • Re: AMERICAN-180

    [quote user="996480133"] Now that American 180 knight blue came out, pls let the original version also be released! Anyway, is there a chance to see the normal A180 in cf EU? Thank you! [/quote] Yea for GP capsules or for GP in the item shop would be cool.
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Ice on 02-22-2018
  • Re: Combat Axe-Spanner

    [quote user="MrMadskillz"] +1! Spanner is such a underrated melee, it's actually quite OP. As for Axe, this one should be temporary for GP in item shop, not permanent. [/quote] I would say we need some AXE in the GP capsule shop, rather than just buying it temporarily.
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Ice on 02-21-2018
  • Re: Game closes my ISP client

    It is due to XTrap autodetection, but if it sees that it is not a hack or something, it just closes that program automatically before running the game. I will forward this.
    Posted to Technical Issues (Forum) by Ice on 02-21-2018
  • Re: Royal Dragon Ring

    [quote user="t4sosGR"] [quote user="Entropyst"] [quote user="t4sosGR"] What does a killsteak boost do? [/quote] It extends the time until the killstreak counter resets. Idk how much time exactly you have between making one kill, then killing someone else and it counting as a Double kill in the killfeed (with the appropriate
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Ice on 02-20-2018
  • Re: In-Game Voices change

    [quote user="imxpx"] If you change your files, you are violating the Terms of Use and with that you might end up getting a permanent ban, therefore you can't change the in-game voices ;/ Unless the name of the changed file(s) remains the same I guess, but I'm not sure about that, so don't risk it and stay safe! [/quote] ^ pretty
    Posted to Questions & Answers (Forum) by Ice on 02-19-2018
  • Re: MOD Forum Event - Resolution

    Oldschool baby! 800x600
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Ice on 02-17-2018
  • Re: Ranked mode map poll

    [quote user="MrMadskillz"] [quote user="Entropyst"]Maybe he's dissatisfied with the current map pool we have? NYF isn't really fun for people without a wallbang weapon and Mexico is a free loss for BL side.[/quote] Can't agree more with this, these 2 maps should be taken out of the ranked rotation (not Mexico if this
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Ice on 02-15-2018
  • Re: Calico...

    It is so weird, never had similar issue like this.
    Posted to Bug Reports (Forum) by Ice on 02-15-2018
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