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  • Re: Sprays suggestions

    If anything, at least sprays shouldn't be hard to implement. Spray creation events = free designs from the community. Then almost effortless money making to the publisher and devs. Make permanent ones cost up to few thousand RP and people will buy those with leftover RP that they do not spend on Capsules.
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 03-26-2017
  • Re: Which Laptop?

    There is no simple answer. It's like you've asked for transport from point A to point B. There are countless solutions. From cars, buses, bikes, motors etc. And they all cost differently and have different results. 1. What is your budget? 2. Do you require a lot of storage for your pictures, media etc. If yes, how much? 3. What is your preferred
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 03-22-2017
  • Re: CrossFire 2?

    I've done some more digging and apparently we can now confirm that CF2 will indeed be an FPS title, which is opposed to the Wikipedia source that claimed CF2 is a Third Person Shooter. Source:!-up/
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 03-19-2017
  • Re: CrossFire 2?

    Awesome news! However, we shouldn't be too excited. Reveal doesn't mean the same as release so I doubt the game will actually come out this year. Not fully anyway, maybe in some kind of alpha/beta version. We are most likely going to see some announcement at later point in this year, perhaps at some kind of a game convention? Maybe even at Gamescom
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 03-19-2017
  • Re: StaraSkola

    Kakvi su ovo next level mimovi. kek
    Posted to Clan Lounge (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 02-25-2017
  • Re: The reason for closing Pangya?

    [quote user="F95"] SG West have license for CFEU until 14 May 2018 so don't worry. [/quote] Source?
    Posted to Off-Topic Discussion (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 12-25-2016
  • Re: Forum logs out

    It doesn't log you out. You are just switched over to old domain which is not used anymore, thus you get "logged out". But yeah... It's been like this for years no one bothered to fix it after numerous reports.
    Posted to Website Related Bugs (Forum) by GoldCookiez on 12-13-2016
  • Re: Disabled Kick Vote. Whats your opinion?

    The only feasible solution is this: Everything else is just doing nothing and hurting legitimate players in yet another way.
  • Re: Population of CF EU

    [quote user="Sarastasija"]1 year about cf 2.0 [/quote] Not sure if its you or me, but please keep in mind that 2.0 =/= 2. CF 2.0 is just an update with redesigned maps and UI. CF 2 is a completely new game, on a different engine, with better graphics, etc. Just like Dota has Dota 2 or Counter Strike has CS:GO. CF 2 is being developed for a
  • Re: Population of CF EU

    Fact that this game is primarily developed for the Asian market makes it very bad experience for us Westerners, because pay to win elements (among the other things) are not what we are used to and it just doesn't fit our mentality. People do not forget and they do punish greedy developers. And SmileGate is one of them. Cheating situation that was
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