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  • Re: [01/08/2017] Patch Notes - Big Head Mode

    [quote user="Walleo"] [Bug Fixes] Fixed various glitches on Desert Fortress, Alaska, Subbase [/quote] Atleast we got a fix on Desert Fortress map. Hope it's this bug: Imma check this later..
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Loquev on 08-01-2017
  • Re: Bug

    Did you try restarting your PC right after the update/installation? If not, give it a try.. I had the same problem but after a quick reboot everything's back to normal.
    Posted to Questions & Answers (Forum) by Loquev on 08-01-2017
  • Re: Cant open Character Profile..

    [quote user="t4sosGR"] Devs : How to solve the clan mark dissapearing?] Devs: Lets just remove the character profile :D [/quote]
    Posted to Bug Reports (Forum) by Loquev on 08-01-2017
  • Re: GM Forum Event - Wonko's Dream Car

    [quote user="blixxten"] [quote user="GM_Wonko"] This thread will be locked July 28th, 2017 - 15:00 Berlin time [/quote] I believe this Event has been forgotten, it's August 1 today, Wonko // bliXten [/quote] *knock knock* Wonko Wonko are you here?!?!?!
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Loquev on 08-01-2017
  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 26th July 2017

    [quote user="Jurea"] [quote user="juststew"] MP shop is more attractive then that new maps and modes... And I would like to say that the community is going to lose a lot of players... My brother and his friend won't play this game anymore because they only know their ID and PW of their accs.... So u made it even worse. In the
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by Loquev on 07-26-2017
  • Re: russian hackers= solution

    [quote user="WinstonBG"] [/quote] I'M DEAD
  • Re: About the password change

    [quote user="Jersey93"] I have also lost my player account and forum account but as usual my feelings are right and i did quit this game a week ago so it doesn't matter anymore. Goodluck with this game! [/quote] Don't lose hope, there's always a solution. If you have problem accessing your account too, try this and see if it works
  • Re: Tottaly bad idea this update

    It was a bad idea for the population, not for the people who agreed for this change. I strongly believe they had their valid reasons for doing it, far more than "just for security". We will never find out the truth after all, which is fine. But Crossfire is not responsible for your friend's fault and for not using accurate information
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by Loquev on 07-25-2017
  • Re: About the password change

    [quote user="hairybiker"] I have sent a ticket and still no joy no responce [/quote] Guys just be patient with the support tickets. I'm pretty sure they are really busy today and get tons and tons of complains so give it a time. You will have an answer soon.
  • Re: GM Forum Event - Wonko's Favourite Animals

    [quote user="GM_Wonko"] Hello everybody, lots of interesting suggestions here! Thank you all for that! In general I like a lot of animals that aren't really popular with others. So the winners are: Loquev - The llama! I just love that GIF! Jurea - That is a cute spider indeed! There was a third winner capsule sent out though: A special
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Loquev on 07-25-2017
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