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  • Re: Level clan

    [quote user="Jersey1993"] By far the best and most notorious clan in Crossfire! Can i apply? [/quote] Ey ey, notorious is a bad word, mi like it. You should have applied before Black Friday so we standed a chance against CnDragon clan. Still, EXP is always nice [quote user="Tony98776"] it used to be V0mBrahh/DryG :/ now its this
    Posted to Fan Media (Forum) by IaLaMuje on 11-25-2017
  • Level clan Casual Level clan room after Black Friday
    Posted to Fan Media (Forum) by IaLaMuje on 11-25-2017
  • Re: Dilemma suggestions

    [quote user="ShadY"] I might make the decision much easier for you when I tell you that you only get the RP Tickets for buying those VVIPs individually. If you go for a package, you won't get the Bonus RP tickets on top :x [/quote] sanks, well 4 DE VIPs here i come xd btw i always wanted to do this: close thread request xddd
  • Dilemma suggestions

    Hi guys I am in a dilemma because of the new Black Friday update. Long story short got 8 primary vips, 3 pistol vips and 5 melee VIP but I am planning to go for 22 equipable VIPs. I was planning on buying 4 DE VIP right off the bat with this update but then I checked out the packages and got a couple of questions. What would you guys suggest? 1) Buy
  • Re: Black Friday Offers

    Well, here goes my story. I was fully prepared to be disappointed because for me BlackFriday only has one meaning: VIPs. I reached that poibt in the game when i have 8 primary VIPs so 1 is already useless. I can only buy a limited amount of pistols/melees, therefore I was fully prepared to be "disappointed" altho right words should be let
  • Re: Delta Theatre

    Well now I am in a dilemma... in Alpha/Bravo/Charlie I get massive lag spikes, random DCs, client errors, joining 1 game = 2 errors and such. In Delta I get every 5 seconds FPS drops that makes in nearly unplayable... Ping went rom 15-18 to 20-21
  • Re: Post your best Scores / Winnings here!

    [quote user="Jersey1993"] 0/21 score gaining 21,000 exp nice nice [/quote] he has 13 VIPs ! of course he gets a lot of exp ! wasn't his best day in CF but he has solid aim, he is half chinese afterall
    Posted to Fan Media (Forum) by IaLaMuje on 11-14-2017
  • Re: Crossfire Europe Optimization

    [quote user="Jersey1993"] [/quote] how can i like 1 post? I see myself there! #prayfordelta
  • Re: CF Problem

    [quote user="Jersey1993"] There are more players recieving multiple errors and i dont think a screenshot will make any difference since most of the errors come from the bad server Sekta is recieving 1 error every 5 minutes how about that haha [/quote] SeKta here, can confirm. I got 3 errors by joining 1 game. thats my record so far
    Posted to Questions & Answers (Forum) by IaLaMuje on 11-14-2017
  • Re: Badge Design

    I'm not a fan of the old ones... I rather stick with the new ones
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by IaLaMuje on 11-13-2017
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