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  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 14th September 2017

    [quote user="PM_CrisCross"] So we decide to update the 3 permanent weapons for 150 coupons [/quote] Hello Sir, Quick question about coupons; Will these weapons stay a long-term or maybe there will be some change in another few months? i asked that question cause i'm curious if will be some change Even if it were to change these weapons
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-21-2017
  • Re: exemple PC not error ? for crossfire !!!!!!

    [quote user="kiwicoco"]now the new problem is what cause? 2017 [/quote] Only say for information - tomorrow is the maintenance 20.09.2017r so maybe u should wait. I think they fix the some issue with the game, be patient.
    Posted to Technical Issues (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-19-2017
  • Re: 150 coupons

    [quote user="kuroma2"] i want ak halloween.. normal ak skin... not knife [/quote] You can't get these, bcs this skin are special for celebrate halloween 2013 and so, 2014 and so.. D.E Gold (not ultimate gold) normal gold - didin't SEE this weapon in game! RELLY NEVER! - play more than 4,5 years cf eu. Random RARE VERY OLD SKIN WEAPON
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-18-2017
  • Re: 14/09/2017 Patch Notes & Events Explained

    [quote user="nitrous1994"]Hope this helps you![/quote] for me its don't help but for newbies for sure. I like your videos caouse u try to make something positive in this game - its not casual, its special and a good thing - keep working. cheers from VaGiNuS_PL
    Posted to Guides, Tips & Tricks (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-14-2017
  • Re: New M4A1?

    [quote user="xVermillion"] Rip [/quote] Well players can smell that what weapons coming out, skill (humor emotion post ) If someone like then someone will buy capsules, if someone didin't like they just don't spend money, simple rule.
  • Re: [SPECIAL] Forum Event - Guess the 3 new coupon weapons!

    WEAPON #1 - SCAR Light-Black WEAPON #2 - MP5K A4 WEAPON #3 - MATEBA IGN: VaGiNuS_PL i have a big vibration that i will win that
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-12-2017
  • Re: New M4A1?

    [quote user="WinstonBG"]They should make a Cat Fight Mode..[/quote] Cat fight mode, yes that would be fun for all players, but i think cat-malee :) But cat weapon and guitar its complete diffrent world for me.. like china - they have another mentality as europe humans
  • Re: Add a clan bank + clan items

    [quote user="elneet1"]50% EXP plus for 10 members[/quote] -1 its a bad idea, farmers will use this and abuse. BIG No [quote user="elneet1"]Special character items (like hats) which are only available due to this[/quote] i like that idea, +1 but still i wait for new content mean rank berret in item shop for rp. ( CF NA have a lot
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-11-2017
  • Re: New M4A1?

    [quote user="Loquev"] So, I saw a post yesterday from Crossfire Europe on Facebook ( link here ). Are they planning to add M4A1-Guitar as a 6 years event reward? [/quote] i hope no, its ulgy skin.
  • Re: Upcoming coupon replacement

    [quote user="RustyDubt1"] Absolutely big -1..If you want a game without OP and nerf weapon go play cs go or CoD bro..What should they place ? Deagle and katana? pffd thats low logic post...anyway they have choose weapons so they wouldnt change nothing [/quote] yes u have right, consumer think so = 150 coupons for example: mp5 - camo, that
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by vaginuspl on 09-10-2017
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