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  • Re: AK47 Holding position

    +1 for the new 1. My opinion is, if you are an old player of this game maybe you gonna prefer the old one, cuz the old moment, etc..., but for a lot of the new players here I think they will choose the new one. And I think the old one looks uglys AF, thats why I prefer the new one...haha
  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 14th July 2017 - Game reopened after extended maintenance

    [quote user="stefanos1212"] I cant understand why you are not focusing MORE fixing bugs, making new maps with better graphics without looking like cs 1.6 maps.Its been so long and you are taking action to fix the servers.Cf was a great game until they put p2w weapons and features. [/quote] Im gonna explain to you why they are not making new
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by DreamBCN on 07-18-2017
  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 14th July 2017 - Game reopened after extended maintenance

    [quote user="mambo150"] [quote user="DreamBCN"] ... [/quote] I rather see no game than a P2W game. [/quote] Then dont play the game, I dont to be rude or something, but thats the true. Also not only you are playing this game, that game is free to play but doest mean everything is free. I know that the cf eu is sucking a lot of money
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by DreamBCN on 07-15-2017
  • Re: Product Manager Letter - 14th July 2017 - Game reopened after extended maintenance

    [quote user="mambo150"] [quote user="PM_CrisCross"] When will we get new content? - 7 new RP capsules and 2 new GP weapons - a new VVIP weapon and special VVIP sales - Several Bonus RP offers [/quote] Like we did ask for those... We need more GP item shop items. No Capsules or VVIPs which ruin the game with their P2W expect. [/quote
    Posted to Announcements (Forum) by DreamBCN on 07-14-2017
  • Re: friendship in meele mode?

    [quote user="Holyyy"] [quote user="ShadY"] This have been an issue for many years now. As far as I know you are/were able to report players for doing thing, even though I'm not 100% sure about the current stance about this, but I would consider this as not following the game mechanics, while some old GMs even considered it as
  • friendship in meele mode?

    Ummm.....IDK, but, nowadays is really disgusting playing melee S&D, cuz every single match they are doing peace, yeah I know since 2012 people are doing peace, but now I cant even find one match where nobody is doing peace, thats really sucks. PS: Especially when they are doing peace and helping the other team kill you, or when you are playing alone
  • Re: Server lag.

    [quote user="t4sosrules"] AGAIN LAG... [/quote] Well, is true that there's sometimes still have a little lag, I have to admit that they have improved a lot the server, but not the best.
  • About help ticket.

    Well, yesterday I've received a ticket about one report case, but I didn't replied to that ticket and they sent me that: Thank you for contacting us. Thank you very much for reporting this case and helping to improve the game and the community. We will investigate and act accordingly. Please understand that due to data privacy we cannot provide
    Posted to Questions & Answers (Forum) by DreamBCN on 06-08-2017
  • Account info lost.

    Well, several days ago, I sent a ticket to the support to ask if I can recover my account info (secret word, the birthdate etc), but they asked me to give then this> Account Name (User ID / Login ID): Registered e-mail address: Country (from which you play): Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): Payment type used for last recharge: GameRage in-game Name: Reason
    Posted to Questions & Answers (Forum) by DreamBCN on 06-01-2017
  • Re: about colombia

    [quote user="Walleo"] [quote user="DreamBCN"] [quote user="Walleo"] -1 here. I don't want people using M4 VVIPS or Barretts so that they could ruin games. [/quote] I see a lot of comments about playing with VVIP or something, that will ruin the game, but that-s how crossfire is, if we have all these weapons inside of
    Posted to Suggestions Forum (Forum) by DreamBCN on 05-25-2017
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