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ZeroXenum replied on 08-19-2017 13:21 | Locked

My favorite class of weapons is the sniper rifles because I get a little better playing with them than with other types of weapons

IGN: Exi_


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bfsjlol replied on 08-19-2017 14:34 | Locked

Rifle,cuz they are good no matter what! :D


IGN: Lynexx

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ValDaniel replied on 08-19-2017 14:50 | Locked

What Fav is Shotgun,bcuz my m37-slug ares so good...


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normandytwo replied on 08-19-2017 14:52 | Locked

My favorite classe weapon is Rifle but in my opinion i prefer the melee



IGN: DarkOfShadow

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TUGASOTAQUE replied on 08-19-2017 18:57 | Locked

I prefer sniper becausa i can shoot my enimies from a long distance and i can kill u with my barret and u with riflr GM :D



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sharevvipacc replied on 08-19-2017 19:06 | Locked
Hi I use 1 character Sharevvipacc I really like vvip weapons in the future I'm going to play very much I love to give friends I don't love scammers and I'm a very nice person I like srossfire I live alive I play I live I hope I get in if I also love the MODERATORS and I DO NOT LOVE you if I ask for a good play I love Thompson Infernal Dragon and Rpk Infernal Dragon these favorite weapons I hope everyone has good fun and lots of respect !!! ! THANK 

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Elchacal47 replied on 08-19-2017 19:54 | Locked

My favorite class is sniper with bolt action rifle. One shot, one kill. I would like to play bio with sniper.


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stevengood replied on 08-19-2017 20:12 | Locked

rifle because i love ak 47

IGN: -Earth]Quake

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iRAWLEX replied on 08-20-2017 6:30 | Locked

Sniper is the best


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truja95 replied on 08-20-2017 8:25 | Locked

Rifle ofc and sniper sometimes but rifle main :D


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Stev95v2 replied on 08-20-2017 10:02 | Locked

of course rifle


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mambo150 replied on 08-20-2017 10:34 | Locked

Shotgun, although it gets dominated by all other classes. Thats also my reason why you dont see that many shotgun users that often.

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Xardas18 replied on 08-20-2017 10:37 | Locked

Shotgun in Egypt TDM (1-2 Hit for a kill )

IGN :  Rs]Beliar.

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33130398 replied on 08-20-2017 11:54 | Locked

My favorite weapon is shotgun because it is easy and funny 



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xVermillion replied on 08-20-2017 12:45 | Locked


Ign: EXA.Verm

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