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MOD Forum Event - Which song describes your life the best and why? - by t4sos

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eris02 replied on 08-05-2017 14:28 | Locked


Becouse this song speak more then 80% same like my life :D


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aRealStone replied on 08-05-2017 14:35 | Locked

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aRealStone replied on 08-05-2017 14:35 | Locked


IGN: aRealStone-*

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33130398 replied on 08-05-2017 17:13 | Locked

50 CNT {candy shop}

because he is good 



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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 08-05-2017 17:39 | Locked



This song best describes my life.

Why ?!
-So on that question my explain is because everything in my life is fine, tidy , clean and shine
and to don't forgot at last It is useful to walk barefoot on the asphalt ! :D

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 08-05-2017 17:55 | Locked

i am sorry about that this about the one post , here is the link of song

Sorry again , music is from YouTube  and does not show video


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koshy12 replied on 08-05-2017 18:07 | Locked

Disturbed-the sound of silence

because i love silence and without it wouldn't be the same person i'm today.


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zRayze replied on 08-05-2017 18:12 | Locked


Really like the song and also Ghostmode(King) :P Im joking ;) only love this song! 

IGN:RyyzK]5knp Clan: Reflection

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WarriorCF replied on 08-05-2017 20:40 | Locked

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Because I walk on a road that I don't even know where i will go. What my future will be. And I hope that one day someone or something will guide me to the goal of my life. ( In short I have no clear goal in my life).

That's why this song describe my life best.


IGN: Warrior-CF

The real Warrior-CF :}

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iRAWLEX replied on 08-05-2017 21:18 | Locked



Cause all what i do its for my family



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Tirador47 replied on 08-05-2017 22:48 | Locked

IGN: Longbill

Song: Zombie

Group: The Cramberries

Explanation: Because I like a lot  the zombie's movies, videogames, tv serials...

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nitrous1994 replied on 08-05-2017 23:24 | Locked

IGN= MyReactions


Because my luck is immortal when spinning caps :D

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Walleo replied on 08-05-2017 23:34 | Locked


My type of song:


Metal is all I need, especially Pentakill \m/

Walleo | Forum Moderator

[GM]Feralus: " worries :)"

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mitsorubi replied on 08-06-2017 0:28 | Locked

IGN: mitsorubi

Reason: i dont usually listen to vocaloid songs, i mostly listen to EDM, but i just really like this song for some reason and sometimes when i feel bad or weird it can fix my mood a little bit and give me a little bit of confidence. when i look at the english translations of this song it also kinda describes my life.

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