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Thank you for removing some of the stutter

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Citru Posted: 07-14-2017 21:25

Now the picking up guns is the only stutter that still exists for me

Shooting and aiming seems slightly smoother as well

Good job 

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And for me, the S&D lags are gone. Just a very small freeze that I don't even notice.

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And, thank you for the amazing update information at Facebook you GM's gave during this super mega long maintenance, up star

and also a thank you to the  IT-Team.

I raises my glass for you guys for working in so many hours in a row. v

Well done


// bliXten

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The spark has ignited again. I can comfortable play a full match, without wanting to quit immediatly because of something which I can't control. I want all my deaths to be caused by my mistakes, THANK YOU. This made me incredibly happy.

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I've notice no change. Interesting 

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I'm hyper sensitive to aiming issues because I rely so much on reaction time and crosshair placement. It's far more consistent, because what would happen before that, was that I would overshoot or undershoot. This no longer happens, because the FPS stays consistent for me. I suppose it's also less noticeable if you play with a low sensitivity.


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Shooting and aiming seems slightly smoother as well

i agree with you, the game is so smooth, i don have that lag when you move the mouse right and left, all this time i thot the problem was with my mouse

when i walk or switch from gun to gun it is so smooth, even the respond time when you press the keyboard or the mouse and the player move or shoot is beter and faster than before 

all the bullets you shoot on someone, works perfectly, they all do damage, thank god 

the recoils of all the guns, are back to normal, they have different recoil from each other now, like they were 2 years ago, i can finaly play with m4a1 again and control the recoil

no more lag in game, specially on S&D maps, it is amazing

well done GMs and tech team, thank you for doing all this, i can actually enjoy the game right now, finaly,

my only wonder is, how long it will stay like this, before they get ruin again





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No  offense but, what a [removed]

I still have freezes, they are lesser but somehow i still have them, the only good thing i noticed is the mouse aensivity being a bit smoother.


So cool maintenance... I want the content we didnt get on the postponed updates now. 


heyhey! nice job, you guys spoke to the comunity on facebook! At least that! clap


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i see ppl warp. and gameplay is being faster... in melee mode is unplayble, they start hit u 2 sec before 

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The lobby and joining games faster seems to be positive but who knows this is for a day, i remember after the 2.0 update everything was perfect and one day later everything changed slowly.

Besides this i have not noticed any changes so yeah i'm really dissapointed about this day and a half update, they have made the first steps but after such a long time suggesting and pointing out the problems in this game i expected more from this.


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They fixed stutters, which were like problem #10 on most people's list.

People are still running inconsistantly and warp back and forth, melee is a joke, i keep getting killed while in cover....

My fav is when i'm playing knife mode, i have kukri VIP and the opponent has dual karambit. I am running BACKWARDS, looking at the enemy, the enemy is running forwards (toward me) and looking at me. We both hold the move key, i keep swinging at him and i'm miles off, he hits me with a karambit.Same distance, same timing, different inertia. Inertia shouldn't effect hitboxes or range.

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People are still running inconsistantly and warp back and forth,

This will happen as long as players don't have stable connections, and don't have stable FPS. 

melee is a joke, i keep getting killed while in cover.

I believe the server update wasn't ment to fix this, because this is a problem in all versions of CF, meaning they have to rewrite the game to fix it, or spend a lot of time finding out what it is and fixing it that way.

In November these stutters started, and now there's less of them, so I think that they're trying to make it run smooth like before November.

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"Players don't have stable connection or FPS"

I don't think so, THE ABSOULTE WORST in this category are players below 25 ping. They warp like crazy. Or maybe my 35 ping and 120 FPS isn't good enough all of a sudden.

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Or maybe my 35 ping and 120 FPS isn't good enough all of a sudden.

What do you mean by this? You can't "warp" (for those who's wondering it's called rubber banding) client side. I'm not sure what you mean by why your 35 ping and 120 FPS wouldn't be good enough? This is very good.

Also remember that when a server calculates ping, it is not an accurate representation. 

The ping that is shown in game is actually latency, which is half of what the ping is strictly speaking about RTT. Now when you account for the delay caused by the server (all game servers basically), 35 ping is actually closer to 200 ms, which is about 2/3 as fast as we normally blink, so sounds high, it's still not.

Furthermore, the ping in-game doesn't resemble your routers hops, your routing in general. You can definitely drop packets even with a low ping, without it ever showing up in-game as a ping spike.

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i dont see or feel a change.


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