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I have no username and password

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Rakhu posted on 02-23-2012 15:31

I signed up with facebook and downloaded the game, so what's supposed to be my login?

It's not my username here, it's not my fb credentials (now that would be scary!), but what is it then?

No sign-up ingame, no password recovery... it's really difficult to get into the game :(

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Suggested by Malykk

I don't know why create account with facebook... Re-create your account normally.

IGN: Malykk.

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I signed up with fb because it's easier than having thousands of passwords around.

I can't sign up new because the email address is already in use.

I can't change the existing email address because the reply to my secret question does not work.

I don't want to create yet another junk email address just to play this game.

I am not happy at all spending 3 hours now trying to figure out how to sign up and start the game and working around all kinds of errors...

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... especially since in fact it should have been a one-click thing like in most other good games.

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