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awmb0r3k posted on 02-14-2012 2:29 | Locked

Sent a message to that address and still got no answer, someone was reading this news? How long does it take. Waiting four days ...

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Suggested by GoldCookiez

Did you maybe forget .com at end of email?


And it can take up to 2 weeks until you get your answer, but in most of the time you get it sooner.

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sNkonE replied on 02-14-2012 8:09 | Locked

men..pls send my email...i forgit my security answer...pls give me it...i have nedd it


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Answered (Not Verified) dsfe replied on 08-05-2013 14:06 | Locked
Suggested by dsfe

plesee gm give my emil  dsfe ok




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plesee gm give my emil  dsfe ok




Please dont bump threads older than 3 months.

To remove all ambiguties the email "" is not in use anymore. Please use the Admin Form.


/ ShadY

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