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Can't leave/delete clan.

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23365utr Posted: 06-04-2013 6:17


I can't leave my clan. 
I kicked everyone, but when i click on the "Join clan" tab and look my clan up it says there are 2 members. 
I think somebody in my clan is banned and now I can't leave my clan. Can you please delete my clan? 
I also tryd to make another account leader but then i got an error : A system error has occurred, please try again. 
I got that error for about a week now. 
The clan name is : [NL]*Skills* 
I really want to leave this clan because I want to join another one. 

1:1 Support told me to post it here too.


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Please send another 1:1 ticket and ask them to delete your clan (nothing else)

Just explain you cant delete it. Something like this:

"Hell, my name is ..... Im the leader of the clan .... I cant delete my clan cause it says there are 2 members (but there arent) Please delete this clan

Thank you"

/ ShadY

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I already did.

Support told me that they would report it to the tech team.

And they asked me to post it here to.

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