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File is changed : W[2007] L[0] rez\RF129.REZ

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Eside Posted: 06-28-2012 3:51

File is changed : W[2007] L[0] rez\RF129.REZ what is this i cant log in can any one tell me because i dont understand

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Its say the same to me! NEED HELP

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that can be for the patch update i have that couple times before,just wait 1-2 hours and try again

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lol 2 hackers here....

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I love hacks alone alleges thatclap




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<removed because of promoting cheats, by GoldCookiez>

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 Mine is the rez/RF131   that is changed -.-

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File is changed : W[2007]  L[2]

This is what it shows me when i open the game

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