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Gbaby01 :v [:v] Posted: 05-16-2018 5:09 | Locked


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MrMadskillz replied on 05-16-2018 6:38 | Locked

Isn't this that DEV account? lol

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blixxten replied on 05-16-2018 7:43 | Locked


Isn't this that DEV account? lol

And what does he/she means?  OO




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Citru replied on 05-16-2018 7:47 | Locked


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Entropyst replied on 05-16-2018 13:20 | Locked

Gbaby accounts are accounts that log in to make sure everything works.
I presume this was just a random test, and no meaningful message was conveyed.

I will lock this thread to prevent any further confusion.

4Real | Forum Moderator

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