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BAG 5 and BAG 6 inventing in MP Mall

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mandodiao3 Posted: 05-13-2018 5:51

Hello guys, 


i  appreciate it if BAG 5 and BAG 6 would be introduced in the MP shop  for e. g.  Bag 5 and Bag 6  (30 days) each for a prize of 4000-6000 Mileagepoints


What do u think guys of my suggestion?

Would u support my opinion?


Thanks for any commentary :) 

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4000 MP is a bit steep, but other than that I agree. More things in the Mileage shop is always better.

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+1...Cant agree more :D

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+1 for bags. -1 for 30 days.

I'd say something like 200MP for 3 days since all items in MP can mostly be bought for 3 days.

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Good idea, +1.

In my opinion, each bag would be sold for 500 MP (7 days maximum).

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+1 since I have no reasons to use MP except for some little stuff

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+1 from me too!

It would be nice to buy them for 3 7 or 30 days.

For example:

3 days=500MP

5 days=1200MP

30 days=5500MP

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